France reduced the tax on wealth by 70%

Франция сократила налог на богатство на 70%

Macron cut the luxury tax

Thus macron thanked his sponsors, his critics say.

The French Parliament has adopted a package of measures in 2018. One of them is reducing the wealth tax by 70%. It is reported by the Financial Times.

As noted, formally abolished all taxation, except for property assets. In addition, there will be a profit tax with a rate of 30%, affecting capital gains, dividends and revenue.

The publication notes that the adoption of a package of measures has been criticized by opponents of the President of France Emmanuel Makron, who consider tax cuts an attempt to thank the business that sponsored the campaign of the current President of the country.

We will remind, in 2013, France’s constitutional court approved the decision of President françois Hollande to impose a 75 percent tax on salaries over one million euros per year