Franks: Players of the Dnieper not to disqualify

Франков: Игроков Днепра дисквалифицировать нельзя

Chief editor of the Football magazine Artem Frankov has drawn attention to the fact that the referee of the match Zarya — Dnipro Anatoliy Abdula did not show Roman Zozulya red card.

Chief editor of the Football magazine and a member of the Executive Committee of the FFU Artem Frankove on the pages of their journal commented on the possible punishment for the players of the Dnieper Roman Zozulya, Ruslan Rotan and Anderson Pico.

“I propose to discuss certain legal conflicts obviously arise when discussing the possible punishment of Roman Zozulya, right, and other players of the Dnieper, which is pretty messed up. Just saying — the punishment after the match Shakhtar vs Dynamo is no reason to compare all postresidency the essence of pop music.

Was: 12 months for assaulting a match official after the final whistle. This penalty really is contained in Annex 5 of the Disciplinary regulations, paragraph 10. But! Note the name of this App:

Dodatok 5

PERAK disciplinary sanctions, zastosowanych to futbolistu for porsenna norms, statuti I reglamenta documents have vdovec Disciplnary to article 17 of the rules of the FFU.

Reference to an article is more than clear. What it is and how to treat it?

Article 17. Wilcannia, h Nasli

1. Football, yakie otrinuv the straighter the red card (for foul vanadom ostannia nad (pozbavlennya of supernice ochevidno golovo features) that wilcannia for DV Govt of kartki, triman in one match), not has got the right brother oftiny participation in matches to rsena FTC FFU TA zakonchena terminu Yogo vasterhaninge. Lines d vasterhaninge futbolista from participation at mahannah respodents s point, wilcannia futbolista z fields.

…3. Wilcannia, automatically perform to vasterhaninge have nastupnogo match, navti yakscho VIN Sodom bude supinely I/ABO vtmenu. Body can zbilshiti trevally such vasterhaninge.

Item 3 I brought specifically in order to once again be surprised by the haste of the FTC in the case Yarmolenko and a Coachman. But let’s leave it. Now 1 important point and the essence of the article in General: it is applicable only to those who have been removed from the field.

No Roman Zozulya (generally down from the mountains), nor Ruslan rotan, neither Anderson Pico from the field in a match with Dawn was not removed. Yes, the referee has the right to expel the player (s) and after the final whistle, but I have not heard of such measures on the part of Anatoly Abdul.

Conclusion: not applicable because article 17 DU FFU, and the App automatically disappears 5. I, at least, not yet see any flawed logic in such reasoning.

So, these players should not be punished at all — because of the obvious holes in the documents? In fact, to resort to the police and make adminprotokol, how much vumny suggest some fans? (By the way, is still a conflict — resolver suing those who swore at him or have applied physical force to him!) No, there is also article 15 of the same Doo of the FFU.

Article 15. Pozbavlennya Passport futbolista

1. Football Mauger Buti, pozbavlennya Passport futbolista for rsenal Body from vipadkah:

…1.4. Zastosuvannya Ficino Seeley, necesare huskies at the address arbtr, delegate, spottergijs arbtrary, predstavnik teams, NSA oftiny osib, jurnaltv gledaju.

The term? It is not specified. But without a passport player can not play. Including for the national team. How this impasse (and whether he did, suddenly I don’t notice anything!) will be selected on Wednesday, the FTC FFU — no idea. They know better, there are professional lawyers.

The only remark after: do not remove the responsibility from Dawn. She is the owner, she is the organizer of the match. And the fact that the entire match on the bench held disqualified ljubenovic, and then in the technical area infiltrated Zozulya – among other things, the issue of Dawn (the stewards who had a cook!). It should also be very severely punished,“ wrote Franks in the front page of 37th number.

Note that Zozulya shocked by the information that can be suspended for 12 months.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that dawn defeated Dnipro with the score 2:0 and reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup. After the final whistle Roman Zozulya hit the main arbitrate then began a scuffle between the players.

It is reported that not yet issued an official verdict, it was decided to suspend these players from the games of the Dnieper. A meeting of the FTC FFU, which will take a final decision on these players, will take place on may 18.

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