Free banking from Concord Bank transfers and cache for the Internet

Free-банкинг от Конкорд банк: переводы по фото и кэш за интернет

Thousands of Ukrainians are testing a new mobile app icON25 from Concord Bank. It differs in the absence of fees for any Bank charges

And manufacturability – scan entry, updating mobile address book, transfer of funds on the photo card.

Also icON25 automatically adds the bonuses for any deposits through it.

For example, if the maximum dollar rate in the Department is 4.5% per annum, while opening a Deposit via icON25 to it is automatically added at 0.25%, but the hryvnia rate of 15% is added 0.5% and the customer gets a 15, 5% per annum.

In addition, when paying via icON25 services ISP “Fregat”, a customer will get 20% cash back. But for mobile no longer need to memorize the recipient’s number, the desired number is issued to the address book.

And to throw the money on the card, no need to enter the 16-digit card number of the recipient with the risk of being wrong. In the field “beneficiary’s card” just select the camera zooms to the picture cards, the number is already entered in the field, left to enter an amount and send the translation!

An important advantage of the remains and the absolute lack of fees for any Bank charges.

By summer, the developers of Concord bank are preparing a number of interesting and simplifying life updates. And yet — test icON25 here.


Free-банкинг от Конкорд банк: переводы по фото и кэш за интернет