Free medicines appeared not available in all areas

Бесплатные лекарства появились не во всех областях

Free medicines you can obtain in most areas, except the Nikolaev and Odessa

In the Nikolaev and Odessa region not yet reached the money for their purchases.

In the Nikolaev and Odessa region not yet free medicines provided by government program “Affordable medicine”.

Earlier it was reported that from 1 April in Ukraine there will be free medication for patients with cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes II.

According to acting Minister of health Suprun, in those areas areas are still not reached the money from the state budget to the levels of the administrations and the pharmacy did not purchase drugs.

“The Nikolaev and Odessa region, it was again not got the funds at the level of regional administrations. Haven’t pulled the finances in their communities, but in most others it worked” she said in comments to television channel 112 Ukraine.

At the same time Suprun stressed that pharmacies are other medications available.

“Now we have joined about 2 thousand pharmacies. It’s good enough, but we would like to have more,” she said.

Previously published a list of free medicines. The registry is comprised of 157 medications – Ukrainian and foreign (India, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, France).