Free seminar to promote business on the Internet from WebPromoExperts

Бесплатный семинар по продвижению бизнеса в Интернете от WebPromoExperts

May 23, 2017 WebPromoExperts will hold a free seminar on “business Promotion in Internet”. This event will help to deal with such promotion tools as social networking, SEO, pay per click advertising and Internet marketing in General.

You will learn how to quickly increase the number of applications, as in the long term to attract cheap traffic and new customers. How to collect maximum information about visitors of the website, analyze it and make the right decisions for improving the site or the entire business.

The seminar will be useful if You:

● take your business online;
● already working on the Internet, but not see tangible results;
● want to control the actions of contractors;
● want to use the money on advertising more effective;
● aim to increase their Internet marketing literacy and life hacks to hear from the best practitioners of the lecturers in this area.

The detailed program of the seminar:

14:00 — 14:10 “opening remarks” Anton Voronyuk
○ how the Internet works;
○ the main directions of marketing on the Internet;
○ overview of the structure of the workshop;
14:10 — 14:40 “how to begin and without which no cost, no single website” Olga Onikienko
○ overview of tools and competitor analysis;
○ overview of the analysis tools of your website;
○ why content is king and how the business helps the content strategy;
○ on what to focus in the development of strategy;
14:40 — 15:10 “the Possibilities of contextual advertising” Ivan Loginov
○ the main goal of contextual advertising, its types and features;
○ developing and launching profitable advertising campaigns;
○ how to operate effective ads;
○ how it works and what is needed in the remarketing;
15:10 — 15:50 “SEO search engine optimization” Anton Voronyuk
○ the pros and cons of SEO for your business.
○ how search engine optimization works?;
○ both internal and external factors optimization — the SEO Pyramid;
○ that the search engines can punish your website?;
○ cases UKRSIBBANK and HeadHunter.
16:00 — 16:30 “Social networking for business” Sergey Jalapa
○ to give the business social network.
○ based on what and how is a comprehensive strategy in the social. networks;
○ the types, objectives and purpose of the content.
○ the formation of the content of the plans;
○ work with the advertising sources;
16:30 — 17:00 “50 email solutions for business” Alexander Lynx
○ 5 functions that email marketing works best
○ Options collect database of email addresses
○ Autopista that increase conversion
○ Sales and content in email marketing

Additional information
For 3 years the Academy has held 77 free seminar on integrated Internet marketing, visited by 9547 people. During the 3 hour lecture, speakers will share case studies, promotion examples of different business sectors.

For those who can’t come, you can improve your knowledge by reading the blog of the Academy, there are plenty of useful materials for Internet marketing, news, advertising, articles on web Analytics, webinars for promotion in the social. networking and more see.

The seminar will be held on may 23, 2017 at 14:00 at the following address:
Kiev, street Khreschatyk, 2, “Ukrainian House”, the European area

Organizers and sponsors: “WebPromoExperts“, “WebPromo“, “SendPulse”.

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