Freestylers Abramenko and Polyuk in the top ten of the world Cup

Фристайлисты Абраменко и Полюк в десятке этапа Кубка мира

Alexander Abramenko

Controversial evaluation of judges prevented the Ukrainians to get into the final.

In the American deer valley hosted World Cup freestyle skiing in the discipline of acrobatics.

Ukrainian ski acrobats Olga Polyuk and Alexander Abramenko confidently qualified to the final of the competition, but, unfortunately, beyond the first final of our sportsmen could not pass, although performed very well.

Olga Polyuk, performed jump high complexity with a factor of 3,750 and pretty confident, only a deep touchdown gave the judges a reason to put a low valuation. Olya took the ninth position of the 33 speakers athletes.

Alexander Abramenko, executed the same jump in skill value of 4.425. But if in qualifying, the judges appreciated the performance of our freestyler in 126.11 points, in the finals for the execution of put 118. 59, which did not allow Alexander to get into the best six to participate in the Grand final, he became the seventh of the 36 participants.

The next world Cup will be held in the American lake placid on 19 and 20 January.

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