Freeze city. How to start the heating season

Мерзнут города. Как стартует отопительный сезон

The protests in Kyiv

From all over the country come reports that with heating problems, closed kindergartens and schools, people are willing to protest.

In Ukraine, police officials came cold. Reports on how the city’s problems with heat, sound for how to lead from the front.

Somewhere people protest, somewhere, in Krivoy Rog capture of the enterprise with the requirement to give the heat somewhere impose a state of emergency.

Stop schools and kindergartens. Authorities say they worry about and all promised subsidies, but yet these same subsidies is simply nothing to pay.

Smela Cherkasy region

Smila communal collapse happens every fall for several years. About 70 thousand people in the city freeze to death without heat, there is still not turned the heating on, even in hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

All from-for considerable debts of the former gas supplier, the company Smila Energoinvest to Naftogaz. We are talking about more than 200 million hryvnias. The city authorities have accused a private company, and in the spring broke off with her agreement. In 2010, the city Council passed the law Energoinvest in the city’s boiler houses and heating plants. Now the matter is resolved in the courts. The main heat supplier was the company of Silicomanganese.

The city Council took the Brave decision to take a loan of 15 million hryvnia for the Deposit of city property which should become a guarantee of timely payment for gas to Naftogaz.

The utility of Silicomanganese not have the funds to prepay for the gas, said its head Igor Boyko. From-for debts of another company Naftogaz does not issue limits on the gas the enterprise-successor.

Last week residents held a Veche at the Central square, where demanded from the city authorities report that they make for the start of the heating season. Some outraged parents even attended the city Council session. Eugene gladyrya, the head of the parent Committee of one of preschool educational institutions, complained that the temperature in groups in the morning is only 9 degrees Celsius.

Shepetivka Khmelnytskyi region

In four schools Shepetovka Khmelnitsky region, on November 13 suspended classes due to lack of heating.

Naftogaz reported that as of 6 November, the duty of Shepetivkagaz the company represented 53.9 million.

In Shepetivkagaz explain that the debts arise from the unauthorized selection of the gas company Energoinvest Shepetivka. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of gas and millions of hryvnia.

Krivoy Rog

In Krivoy Rog because of the situation with the heat it came to the most radical actions.

The heat supply of the city is carried out by two companies – KP Krivorozhsteel and Krivoy Rog teplocentral – each covers approximately 50% of the city.

Krivorozhsteel signed the contract and got gas for heating. And Krivoy Rog teplocentral not signed a contract and has billions of debt. Because of this two days don’t work 78 schools and 75 kindergartens and emergency dispatch service gas (after damage to vehicles and attacks on staff).

In the end, 12 November the residents of Krivoy Rog brought and set fire to tires under the management of “Krivorozhgaz”, demanding to turn the heating on.

Later came the message that the building of Krivorozhgaz captured is unknown.The enterprise building stormed “due to the failure of “Naftogaz Ukraine to supply gas to the enterprise Krivoy Rog Teplocentral”.

“We explained that Naftogaz must give permission for the release of the gas, but people don’t want to hear, because their children are freezing”, – stated in the message of Krivorozhgaz.

In Naftogaz said that they do not supply gas to one of two of the heatsupplying enterprises of Krivoy Rog, due to the fact that it owed more than 1 billion hryvnia, and does not pay.

“Regarding the JSC “Krivoy Rog teplocentral”, its leadership is not prepared for winter, has not complied with the conditions to receive discounted gas. So the first question you should ask there. You can also include in the solution the local authorities and the state property Fund of Ukraine, as the management body of this company,” said Naftogaz.

In the end, under public pressure, all boiler houses of the enterprise, Kryvyi Rih plant has resumed gas supplies to all objects of joint-stock companies has been launched.


In Kherson the same problem, there was a critical situation with a CHP plant, which because of the debt is still not received from Naftogaz nomination on the gas and not the beginning of the heating season.

“At the request of the Kherson mayor Vladimir Nikolaenko, the President of Ukraine called for a meeting to resolve problems with the receipt of nominations of gas to a number of state enterprises of Kherson, Krivoy Rog, Brave”, – noted in the city Council, noting that the meeting scheduled for today.

The duty of CHP is 61 million.

What authorities say

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman calls on Ukrainians not to worry about heat prices.

“We will protect all low-income families. Don’t worry about the prices of heat, all that need to pay the state, on your accounts this does not affect”, – said Groisman.

“From 1 January we are beginning the monetization of subsidies,” he said.

“This will give you the opportunity to pay part of the money that people have saved, and, in particular, to monetize for every Ukrainian family, so people knew exactly what they have a Bank account, received funds, and these funds can be spent on those needs,” – said Groisman.