From a private zoo in the Donbass took five bears

Из частного зоопарка на Донбассе забрали пять медведей

In the zoo of Pokrovsk were 11 bears

All of the zoo in Pokrovsk taken 11 bears and five lions. The animal was transported to the place of temporary residence.

State inspectors on the protection of the natural environment, accompanied by police and animal welfare activists have taken from the private menagerie of the Park Pokrovsky period of the last five bears that were kept in inadequate conditions.

About it reports a press-service of the State ecological inspection of Ukraine on Wednesday, February 6.

Previously, veterinarians have repeatedly examined the animals and confirmed that they are kept in conditions that threaten their lives.

The decision on the seizure of these animals was taken February 5, Krasnoarmeyskaya on court of Donetsk region.

In state ecoinspection noted that on 1 February, unknown persons did not allow environmental inspectors, veterinarians and animal rights activists to enter the territory of the zoo for the inspection. This was the reason for going to the police, which in turn, in the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of cruel treatment of animals in a private zoo has addressed in court with the petition for imposing on them of arrest.

Krasnoarmeyskiy district court in the Donetsk region supported the petition of the police and made the decision to arrest and confiscate the bears remained in a private zoo.

“Just from the menagerie in Pokrovsk taken 11 bears and five lions. The animal was transported to the place of temporary residence”, – is spoken in the message.

According to animal welfare activists, the zoo animals were kept in cramped cages, cold and unsanitary conditions.

Earlier it was reported that from a private menagerie in Pokrovsk took the emaciated lion. He was taken to a rehabilitation centre for large carnivores in Vasilevka Zaporozhye region.

It also became known that in Zhytomyr found a wounded lynx. Veterinarians came to the conclusion that she has long kept at home, and it would be difficult to adapt to the existence in natural conditions. The lynx moved to Rivne zoo.

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