From a resident of Zhytomyr found a warehouse of ammunition

У жителя Житомира нашли склад боеприпасов

In Zhitomir the man found an Arsenal of weapons

Ammunition and drugs found during a search of a suspect in the thefts.

In Zhytomyr during the authorized search, the police have a suspect in the theft discovered an Arsenal of ammunition and drugs. This is stated in the message of the police of Zhitomir region in Facebook.

It is reported that all law enforcement officers, checking information about the thefts, was found at the place of residence of 31-year-old resident of Zhytomyr.

“In one of the rooms police found a bag with projectiles caliber 23 mm and a body from a grenade f-1. There were and cartridges to the automatic weapon of calibre of 5,45 mm. Only experts have counted 69 of ammunition”, – is spoken in the message.

In addition, police found a bowl with chopped raw materials, dry stems of plants, according to preliminary data, cannabis.

Also police officers in the apartment were found the pills potent agents and more than a dozen mobile phones. All detected seized and sent for expert research.

Police opened a criminal case for illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives and for the production, manufacture, acquisition or storage of drugs.

Earlier it was reported that in Mariupol soldier seized seven grenades.