From Catalonia to leave hundreds of companies

Из Каталонии уходят сотни компаний

Only last week, their offices in the regions of Spain suffered 92 of the company.

Almost 700 companies have moved their offices from Catalonia to other regions of Spain from the time of the referendum on independence for the region. It is reported by Prime with reference to Director of the commercial Registrar of Spain Ana Del Valle.

So, for the past week 92 companies left Catalonia to other regions of Spain total number of companies that left the Canary Islands, has reached 691. The most intense days were 9 and 10 October, when the change of residence stated 212 and 175 companies, respectively.

According to the Registrar, the number of associations established in Catalonia for the third quarter of 2017 fell by 26.8%, whereas the average for Spain the decline was 11%. Also significant differences were found in augmentation of the capital. So, the figure for the same period decreased in Catalonia by 12.2%, while in Spain the average decreased by only 1.7%.

Note, the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy will not compromise in the conflict over Catalonia’s desire for independence.

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