From Donetsk to Russia: how to go “unrecognized” train

Из Донецка в Россию: как ходят "непризнанные" электрички

The inhabitant of Donetsk shared their impressions from the trip to Russia by train.

The inhabitant of Donetsk Elena Pavlenko shared in Facebook impressions from a train trip in Russia. According to her, even to the toilet on a Russian railway station had to go to the passports.

As Pavlenko said, at first she was driving to the train station Yasinovataya (Donetsk region) – V. Uspenskaya (Russia), and then on the train Rostov to Taganrog.

The trip in the train to assumption is 3.5 hours and about an hour the train stops at the border.

“DNR collected the passports, and the car was entered in the laptop, the bag looked symbolically. The conductor warned that the Russian view will be good and if getting more than 1 block of cigarettes, 3 litres of vodka, 5 kg of nuts will be fine,” said donchanka.

Migratsionnye card was filled with only those with Ukrainian residence permit, and those who travel for a period longer than 90 days or farther Rostov region. “Of all the car took to fill migrationto less than ten people,” she added.

From the railway station, the assumption of the Rostov region of Russia in Taganrog donchanka went on the train Rostov.

“All the passengers are waiting inside the station or in front of the entrance. When the train/the train served on the landing side of the platform included staff and invites you to pass. Just on the platform no one goes, unless to go to the toilet. When you exit to the platform again show the passport. Toilet free, street, show your passport, say to the toilet, and go right, along the track until you see it,” described Pavlenko orders at the station.

“In Taganrog came to 14-26. The train is new, clean, the stops are announced clearly. The journey was easy and enjoyable,” concluded donchanka.

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