From hypothermia suffered a thousand Ukrainians

От переохлаждения пострадала тысяча украинцев

“Ambulance” stated the 64 cases of death from hypothermia

Within months more than thousands of people have sought help in connection with hypothermia and frostbite.

In the period from 12 December 2018, 8 January 2019 for medical aid due to hypothermia and frostbite turned 1037 Ukrainians. On Wednesday, January 9, the press service of the Ministry of health.

Most of them from hypothermia and frostbite suffered by the inhabitants of Donetsk region – 135. In the Kharkiv region injured 121 people, Dnepropetrovsk – 117, Kyiv – Odessa and 90 – 69.

According to conclusions it is judicial-medical examination, from the total exposure over the period has died at 64.

Today it was reported that in Lviv region the man fell into the canal and froze to death.

Earlier, the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun explained how to distinguish a cold from the flu.

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