From loyalty to sales – SMM path of the Jedi “SMM Day”

От лояльности к продажам - путь SMM джедая на "SMM Day"

May 20 at 11:00 Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts will hold a free online conference “WebPromoExperts SMM Day”, which will be devoted to promotion of business in social networks.

Social network – this is the second home of the majority of people, in which you can freely enter and turn to your client. On our online conference you will learn how to effectively represent the business in social. networks and make friends with your potential and existing customers.

In practice, we will show you how to communicate with users social. networks that they responded positively to your treatment for them.

About the conference

Leading specialists from Ukraine and Western countries will show how to effectively use the power of social networks to establish trust relationships with customers and increase the profitability of your business.

16 experts talk about new trends and tendencies in the field of SMM, and will share with you the knowledge and tools to effectively promote your business on social networks.

From the reports you will learn:

  • How to select the most appropriate SOC. network to promote your business;
  • How to create an image and to increase awareness of your brand;
  • How to use the functionality of social networks (YouTube, VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram) to promote your business;
  • How to set up and run targeted ads in Facebook and VK;
  • How to create a popular community for your business;
  • What content need a typical user of social networking;
  • As lead user of the social. networks on your website;
  • How to use SMM to the B2C and B2B markets;
  • How to use the Analytics tools in the SOC. networks for analysis and control of your activity and the activity of your clients.

This will be useful for our online conference?

This event, first and foremost, it will be useful:

  • The owners of the business;
  • Project managers;
  • SMM-specialists;;
  • Marketers and Internet marketers (beginners and experienced).

What is the feature of our online conference?

The feature of our online conference are:

  • Reports, case studies and answers to questions from staff members on most popular social. networks in the world – Facebook and YouTube.
  • Examples of real companies – restaurant “Prague”, project “” the Academy “WebPromoExperts”.
  • A round table, where representatives of the companies of SPN Communications Ukraine, Engine, and other professionals in the field of SMM, will discuss trends and tenderly social networking in 2016
  • The English blockwhere foreign experts will share their priceless experience and the specifics of SMM abroad.

Why you should attend our conference:

  • SMM – personal profile of the business. The success of the promotion in social networks depends largely on the image of your business. Presenting your business on social networks, you create his face and image.
  • SMM is a free tool for business promotion. Social networking can be effectively to promote your business absolutely free. We will show you how to attract customers from the social. networks without a single penny.
  • The user social. networks, an outdoor user. Find out the true needs of the users and their opinion about your company. In social networks users feel at home and openly Express their opinions.
  • Your customers will work for you. The social network is the best platform for viral marketing. Post quality content and your customers will be able to promote it.
  • Advertising campaign with minimal budget. We will show you how to set up and run effective advertising with a minimum budget of 1$ or 2 RUB/day.
  • Learn how to work with negativity. People in social networks who openly Express their opinion and often it is negative. We will teach you how to turn negative feedback to your PR-move.
  • Turn our experience to your ideas. Leading experts in the field of SMM, for example, case studies of their companies, will share successful experience of doing business in social networks. You only need to use this information to generate their own ideas.

Gifts for participants

By signing up to our online conference you will receive:

  • The ability to ask a direct question to the expert;
  • The video and presentation of reports;
  • Gifts from partners in the amount of $100.

The format of the event

For all the time of the conference you will find:

  • 15 reports with practical examples, case studies and personal experiences;
  • 11 a.m. live broadcast with the best specialists in SMM;
  • 1 round table with discussion of important topics and answers to questions;
  • 1 English section with the participation of foreign experts, who will share their experience in the field of SMM.

The program

  • “What brought us SMM for the year? Case WebPromoExperts”, Olga Onikienko (Head of the Department of education at the Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts);
  • “YouTube for business. Opportunities and formats”, Alex beh (development Manager agenst in Google);
  • “Effectively use targeted ads Facebook”Sergey Shcherbakov (marketing Specialist and SMM);
  • “Vkontakte. Tools and case studies”, Natalia Yakunina (Vkontakte Ukraine);
  • “Black techniques and how to deal with them. Botnet. Who uses and why it is not necessary so”, Vladimir Galika (head of Digital influence practice at SPN Communications Ukraine);
  • “The definition of the target audience and a portrait of her”, Eugene singer (Digital strategist in the company Fedoriv);
  • Round table: Trends and tendencies in the social. networks”, Vladimir Galika (head of Digital influence practice at SPN Communications Ukraine), Sergey Shcherbakov (marketing Specialist and SMM), Dmitry Vakuliuk (Engine);
  • “The theme is agreed”, Mr Vakuliuk (Engine);
  • “SMM for the restaurant business. The case of the Prague restaurant”, Sergey Vitchev (Head of online marketing restaurants: “Prague”, “Marlin”, “v monteci Capuleti”, “Black Market”).
  • How to get to the conference?

    For this you need to pre-register on the conference website. In the day of the conference we will send you an email with a reminder and link to it.

    Organizers: “WebPromoExperts”, “WebPromo”.

    To register