From Lviv why not take out the garbage

Почему из Львова не вывозят мусор

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The debris situation in Lviv is getting worse every day. After the fire at the dump Grabowiecki Lviv authorities tried to negotiate the export of waste to Kiev, and then Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv Dnepr. In the end, the inhabitants of these cities spoke against the admission of Lviv debris and organized protests.

In the Lviv came to the point that in some areas refuse is not taken – ever. Consequences can be assessed in our photo gallery.

Lviv history

In the village Hrybovychi three kilometers from the city since the late 50-ies until the end of may 2016 took all the waste from the city and several nearby districts.

As a result, there appeared the biggest landfill in Ukraine, occupying an area of 26 hectares, with a waste height of more than 60 meters.

On the night of 28 may Gribovichi the landfill fire occurred. The fire and further collapse killed three firefighters.

Extinguished the fire more than a week, in the Lviv activists tried to break into the Council meeting, there was talk about the resignation of mayor Andriy Sadovy.

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Kiev wanted to help

Mayor Klitschko in early summer said that Kiev will assist Lviv in solving problems related to waste.

Realizing what a difficult situation were Lviv and its inhabitants, we are ready to help the citizens. Because, I am convinced that we should support each other. Drawing attention to the fact that in summer the capacity of a waste incineration plant “Energy” in Kiev underutilized, we can take care of the garbage for burning. And also to guide sorting lines. I hope that the problem with garbage in Lviv will be resolved soon,” said the mayor.

But since August 1, Kiev incinerator plant “Energy” stopped receiving garbage, including Lviv, due to planned repair works.

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The protests in Kiev region

Part of the debris were brought from Lviv to the dump in the village Kryukovschina Kiev region.

In the end, the people of Kryukovshina blocked traffic in Lviv 10 garbage trucks. The cars were driving on the left Bank of the capital for the plant “Energy”, as has been agreed between the mayors of Kyiv and Lviv, and from going to landfill in the region.

Почему из Львова не вывозят мусор

The protesters demanded to provide the documents allowing this to garbage trucks entering the landfill.

Attempt to Chernivtsi

The city authorities of Chernivtsi signed a contract with Lviv on the removal of 5 thousand cubic meters of garbage to the landfill near the regional center.

“We have no such troubles, as in Lviv, the volume of garbage is perfectly acceptable, does not affect the ecological situation significantly. I think that’s human – we need to help people in trouble,” said the mayor of Chernivtsi Alex Kaspruk.

For garbage collection lions will transfer to Chernivtsi 21 hryvnia per cubic meter of waste. They will do enterprise Spetskommuntrans”.

The residents of Chernivtsi, in turn, say they are willing to block the flow of garbage from the city. They fear environmental degradation. In this case, the garbage will take until the end of the year.

From the Dnieper came out

Near the Dnieper the inhabitants of the area blocked the road Krivoy Rog.

At the rally, about a hundred villagers Dievka and krasnopillia. They protest against the supply of garbage from the city on Dievskaya the landfill disposal of solid waste. It is located in the beam near the homes of the people.

Почему из Львова не вывозят мусор

While activists passed only trucks and cars with children.

It is also noted that protesters require a visit to the place of the action of the Governor and the mayor. Before that, residents complained about the importation of garbage Lviv local authorities. According to Sukhanov, at the last session of city Council deputies did not support the rejection of the delivery of the waste.

At the moment the landfill daily delivery of about 500 tons of garbage from the Dnieper and the city.

Nikolaev vs

Municipal solid waste (MSW) from the city will temporarily take in Nikolaev, reported yesterday the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich.

Senkevich – member of the same party of the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy.

Waste from Lviv will take on the Nikolaev city landfill for future disposal at the rates established by decision of the Executive Committee of the city Council.

Почему из Львова не вывозят мусор

But a number of local MPs, including from the opposition factions “Our land” and “Opposition bloc, demanded from the mayor to hold an extraordinary session of the city Council on this issue.

In the local BPP said the decision on the admission of Lviv garbage “unpleasant surprise for the bulls.

Nikolaev yesterday stopped taking Lvov debris.

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The city more and more problems

Dnepr, Nikolaev and officially refused to accept the rubbish from the city, said the Deputy head of the city Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations Irina Marunyak.

According to the official, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy went to Kiev to solve the problem with the garbage disposal from the city.

“The situation with garbage removal in Lviv is a complex – export not handle three carriers. The mayor talked about this issue with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, now he is in Kiev. The problem with garbage disposal has a political aspect, because almost all landfills locked. Now the garbage from the city are taken only on two of the polygon in the Lviv region”, – said Maruniak.

Почему из Львова не вывозят мусор

In turn, the head of the Nikolaev city Council Alexander Senkevich confirmed that the city stopped taking garbage Lviv. According to him, on Friday, September 16, held an extraordinary session of the city Council on this issue.

In the Lviv residents complain of failure to remove the waste in some areas of the city. Trash cans, standing at residential homes, are overcrowded.

The biggest waste recorded in Sihovsky, Shevchenko Frankivsk and the areas where wastes are not taken from September 8.

What do the Central government

The Ministry of environment presented the service “Interactive map of musorosbornik”.

“Every citizen can go to the page of eckerty, register and leave a message about the dump, which the person is found. This information we will develop,” said environment Minister Ostap Semerak.

According to him, this will allow investors to see the situation, what is the composition of place for garbage, and look for possible investment projects.

Semerak noted that the task of the Ministry is very simple – to clear Ukraine from debris and to bring the situation dumps to European standards.

Here are just residents of the city will soon able on this map to mark your city.

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