From pharmacies Lugansk disappeared Ukrainian drugs

Из аптек Луганска исчезли украинские лекарства

In Donetsk, some medications still there, but they are much more expensive than in Ukraine

According to local residents, there was only Russian and Bulgarian. however, they are much more expensive and less effective than the Ukrainian.

Ukrainian medicine has disappeared from drugstores Lugansk. On Monday, January 29, according to local residents.

It is noted that there used to be little, and now completely ceased to appear.

“In the past, as they say, needed to know where and when to buy them, now they are almost there,” said local resident Sergei.

Luganchanka Marina said that asking relatives to buy medicines of Ukrainian production in the Village of Lugansk, which is located 12 kilometers from the city.

“We save the Village (Ukraine-controlled territory – ed.), asking relatives, they buy at least from colds and flu to a child. To compare the prices and quality of our (Ukrainian production – ed.) is much more efficient and cheaper”, – explained Marina.

Residents of Donetsk said that the city has some Ukrainian medications, but they are expensive, at least twice.

“Citramon-darnica precisely there. But even he is very big cheat, a lot of Russian and Bulgarian,” said donchanka Irina.

She added that, for example, tablets I can buy from 500 rubles. In Kiev, these drugs are on average 120-130 UAH.

Earlier in DND stated about the “state registration” of self-medication.

Recall that in DND there were ads where entrepreneurs offer to take them to places where there is a connection of Vodafone.