From Ponomarev to Jamala: As Ukraine competed at the Eurovision song contest

От Пономарева до Джамалы: Как Украина выступала на Евровидении

Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest. The second time in history. Jamal conquered Europe his tragic song. Ukraine participates in this competition since 2003, taking into account attendance, this year we are 13th time sang at the Eurovision song contest. In this short period the country has many achievements – two wins, two silvers, one bronze and one time we were fourth. And we always end up in the finals. And in fact in half of the cases, our singer claimed the victory. We will remind as it was.

We first went to Eurovision in 2003, the Pioneer was ALEXANDER PONOMAREV. Critics have wondered what prompted a famous singer to decide on such an adventure. However, Ponomarev said firmly: “I’m not afraid, I will speak anyway. If you stepped one foot — so you need another”. He argued that the Israeli psychic predicted his victory. And to give the Ukrainian delegation of solidity, in Riga, went to the Klitschko brothers and the Russian pop-king Philip Kirkorov. He was a mentor Ponomarev. However, Kirkorov in 1995 at the Eurovision song contest has occupied only 17-e a place (a Pugacheva in 1997-the 15th), but his authority is still for Ukrainian singers was unwavering.

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The team prepared the song Hasta la vista. Simple sweet song without any meaning. However the room was absolutely expressionless, and eventually brought our country the only 14-th place with 30 points. Ukraine during the voting in fact “pulled” the poles. Israel Ponomariov got 3 points from Poland – 10 points, Russia 8, Latvia and Estonia – 5 and 3 points respectively. We voted for the Russian group “Tatu”.

Well, at least Kirkorov and Pugacheva Ponomariov beat. And won in Latvia Turk Sertab Erener who sang in bright national colours. The second was the Belgian folk-command “Tred urban” with a song in a fictional language. After the final, Ponomariov was asked why he chose the English song without “Ukrainian painting”, although many of the participants sang in their native language and used a national melody. They say, Eurovision has gone beyond the sweet easy songs and prefers colorful folk motifs.

This Council listened RUSLANA, who went to Istanbul in 2004, this year the competition was held in two stages, that is, were the semi-finals because the number of participants grew, reaching in 2004 36. Andorra, Albania, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro participated in the contest for the first time, Monaco has returned after a 25-year hiatus. Also there would be a return to Monaco after an 11-year absence.

So, Ruslana for the contest, wrote the song Wild Dances Wild dances”). With her, she traveled almost all of Europe before the Eurovision song contest became known in the West with optimism and expected the contest itself. 16 may Istanbul was ablaze. Attikamek from Ruslana’s liking of the Europeans, which gave the victory to the representative of Ukraine. Mind you, this was only the second time our country participated in the competition – and I won it.

The single “Wild dances”, which brought her victory in the contest, and the eponymous album were recognized in more than 25 countries. 97 weeks Ruslan was a leader in 14 different charts affected her success in Europe.

От Пономарева до Джамалы: Как Украина выступала на Евровидении

Ruslan scored 280 points. All countries have awarded him the points, with the exception of Switzerland. But Israel, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Estonia and the hostess of the contest Turkey gave us 12 points. The second place at competition was taken by the representative of Serbia and Montenegro, the third — the representative of Greece Sakis Rouvas. And Russian Yulia Savicheva remained on 11-m a place.

In 2005 Eurovision held in Kiev, Palace of sports. The country recently won the Orange revolution, but even after months of decisions in many areas was made on the basis of revolutionary necessity. And to the detriment of common sense.

After the triumph of Ruslana to try your hand at the jubilee 50th Eurovision song contest was decided almost all the choral forces of the country. Bids for qualifying round filed 85 performers. But the competition was sent to group “Greenjolly a“, which gained national prominence during the Orange revolution. Their song “Razom NAS bagato — NAS not podolati” became the unofficial anthem of the supporters of the revolution. BBC called the song a new version of the famous revolutionary songs of the 1960-ies El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.

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At the insistence of Nikolai Tomenko “Greenjolly” took part in the final of the National selection of the Eurovision song contest, bypassing the preliminary stage of the marathon, which passed through the other participants. Finally, in a telephone vote “Greenjolly” beat their nearest competitors: Ani Lorak and the group “Tartak”. As in the Eurovision song contest are prohibited songs with clear political overtones, “Greenjolly” urgently gave the social revolutionary hymn color.

“Greenjolly performed their only hit, translating the words into English. The European spectator has demonstrated a complete indifference to the revolutionary motives. “Greenjolly” scored 30 points and took the 19th place out of 24. Poland was the only country that gave us 12 points, Moldova – 8, Portugal – 7. It was the worst result for all time of participation of our country in the competition. For the group competition was fatal — that their career is over.

A win in Kiev, the representative of Greece Helen Paparizou. Second place went to the representative of Malta Chiara, and the representative of Romania Luminita angel was third. The contest went to Athens.

In Greece Ukraine was represented by TINA KAROL. She became known in Ukraine after the triumph at the festival “New wave-2005″, where he took second place. In the spring of 2006 she released a English album Show Me Your Love”, which subsequently went gold. In Ukraine after scandal with “Greenjolly” staged the national selection in the style of the contest of young singers. Defeated Karol. With the song Show Me Your Love ” in may 2006 she went to Athens. The song was dance, Tina on stage was good, but with 145 points turned out to take only the 7th place. Portugal gave us 12 points, Armenia, Belarus and Russia – for 10.

But that year rejoiced the fans of hard rock. Finnish band Lordi in horrible masks and coarse voices scored a record for the competition 292 points and won. After their victory, the contest jokingly called “monstrosities”. Russian singer Dima Bilan became the second, and Hari Mata Hari from Bosnia and Herzegovina – the third.

In 2007, Ukraine hardly again did not celebrate the victory. Odious, bright and scandalous VERKA SERDUCHKA won the national selection with the song Dancing Lasha Tumbai, and rushed. In Russia decided that under the name of the song hides a bold Russia, goodbyе, and scandal. In the Russian Federation burned effigies depicting Serduchka, forbidden to conduct creative activities. But initially Verka Serduchka could not decide from which country to go – the Ukraine, Russia or Kazakhstan. Version Danylko, is a slightly altered pronunciation Mongolian phrase that means “throw the oil”.

But in Europe and hityaru appreciated. Serduchka won second place with 235 points, behind 30 points from the winner, Serbian Marija šerifović. Group “Silver” from Russia was third. We saluted in Andorra, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, giving 12 points. Many countries have 8-10 points.

The song, like Faith itself, became a sensation in this contest. The Guardian calls the room Serduchka “the best song that won the Eurovision song contest”.

The following year all was quiet, but no less successful. At the national selection have not withdrawn by, and a song for ANI LORAK. After a tough “kidka” in 2005 Lorak decided to try again to go to Eurovision. She gave that right. Why hold a contest if it still won song of Philip Kirkorov, is not clear. But it was. Kirkorov wrote for Lorak’s song Shady Lady, has allocated 200 thousand dollars., to purchase an exclusive dress from Roberto Cavalli for Ani Lorak and outfits for the entire group, which has performed at the Eurovision song contest in Belgrade.

Lorak won in 2008 the second place with 5 points less Serduchka in 2007-m – 230. It is noteworthy that no country has given us the maximum score, while Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Malta and Poland evaluated the performance of 10 points. But even despite this, the song lorac among the three. The winner became the representative of Russia — Dima Bilan with the song Believe Me.

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On the selection of 2009, there was a scandal. Favorites of the selection were SVETLANA LOBODA and Anastasia Prikhodko. The song Anastasia was disqualified, but the former producer of the singer Elena Brainstorming accused the jury of being biased, calling the song Loboda same flaws. Bias against Prikhodko, as did Brain, was that the jury selection took the ex-husband of Brain – Oleksandr Ponomaryov, who himself promoted two of its contestants.

Prikhodko decided not to get involved in a war of producers (although she already had a court decision to annul national selection) and have applied from Russia. It was supported by Philip and Konstantin Meladze. The song “Mamo” in the competition she sang in Russian and Ukrainian languages giving the Russians such a condition.

And from Ukraine to Moscow went Loboda with the song Be My Valentine, Alan Badoev room and a large wheel, which at the crucial moment refused to turn. Talked about the bribery of the Director, the head of NTU, but this remained at the level of conversation. The final 12-th place success will not name. Azerbaijan and Poland gave us 10 points, Hungary – 8. Prikhodko took much better – 11-e a place. And was won by the Belarusian Alexander Rybak, representing Norway.

Next year the situation repeated itself – the scandal at the nation selection and then fail at the competition. The Eurovision song contest was preparing to go nobody famous Vasily Lazarovich. This provoked a storm of criticism, again talked about kumudini in NTU. I had to write a letter to the President of Ukraine that the country does not agree with the choice of representative. In the end, after carrying out of competitive selection, who was himself Savik Shuster, won at least unknown ALYOSHA.

Song To Be Free, that Alyosha was originally going to perform in Oslo, announced plagiarism. In the end, the singer wrote itself in one night, the song Sweet People, which won the audience in Ukraine. But the singer and producer had to borrow 500 thousand dollars. to participate in the Eurovision song contest. The state did not help, and a debt participant was paid for a long time.

Alyosha to Oslo took 10th place with 108 points (Azerbaijan and Belarus were given 10, Armenia and Moldova – 8).

Bookmakers predicted the victory went to 19-year-old German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut with the song Satellite. It is about her, journalists have unearthed a video in which underage schoolgirl Lena has sex in the pool with a handsome stranger. But that only added to her whist in the competition.

In 2011 in our selection process also was complicated. Most likely winner of the national selection was Jamal and her song Smile. But at the end of voting the winner suddenly becomes MIKA NEWTON (Oksana Gritsay), the second – Zlata Ognevich and Jamala third only. Given that the producer of Mika Newton at the time was Timofei Nagorny, not a poor man, he started talking about rigging the vote. A scandal broke out with the Text messages. Decided to hold a second vote, but Ognevich and Jamala refused. So to Dusseldorf to go to Mika Newton. And even took fourth place there.

The song Angel was very good, in contrast to the Ukrainian songs the previous few years. Finally we again started to give 12 points (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Slovakia) and Belarus, Georgia, Russia not sorry 10. Newton collected 159 points. And was won by Azerbaijani Duo Ell / Nikki. It is noteworthy that the Russian representative Alexander Vorobyov in that year it occupied only 16-e a place.

In 2012 we had to fall, to rise. The national selection won the most famous and experienced of all the participants that year, GAITANA. However, the song was not so hot. Yes, and there was a scandal. After the presentation of the songs Gaitan accused of plagiarism as in the song we hear based on the songs and Сlocks Coldplay When Love Takes Over Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta. It was feared. They have been confirmed in Baku – the 15th place and 65 points. More or less of Gaitana’s song like in Belarus (10 points), Moldova, Russia (8), Malta (7). This is for a couple of years knocked the singer out of the rut.

And won in Baku, Sweden’s Loreen, the second were hilarious “Buranovskie grandmothers” from Russia.

In 2013, ZLATA OGNEVICH has won the national selection absolutely without any scandal, which is amazing. Spectacular room, presented Ognevich in malmö, brought Ukraine third place.

От Пономарева до Джамалы: Как Украина выступала на Евровидении

Song Gravity loved in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Croatia (all gave 12 points), Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta, Serbia, Estonia (all under 10). Ognevich decently lagged behind the winner Emily de Forrest from Denmark, but with a silver Azerbaijani Farid Mammadov, the gap was quite small.

But most of all in the creativity Ognevich fell in love with the main radical Ukrainian Oleg Lyashko, calling the singer in a policy. In 2014 Ognevich became the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the election party list of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko at No. 4.

In Copenhagen it was decided to send MARIA YAREMCHUK. She is the daughter of the famous Ukrainian actor Nazar Yaremchuk, finalist of the TV project “Voice of country”, in 2012 she represented Ukraine at the international contest of young singers “New wave 2012”, where he took 3rd place. However, the scandal, her candidacy gave the fact that Yaremchuk was associated with the Party of regions Rinat Akhmetov. The billionaire has supported Mary at the “New wave”, and invited her back to his friend, composer Igor Krutoy. Plus ambiguous statements Yaremchuk about politics.

At the national selection of the jury appeared in Yan Tabachnik said the rest of his members that they must do everything to the Eurovision song contest went to the daughter of his friend. Voting by SMS was all one-sided.

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But come on with this. By Maria at the Eurovision song contest slightly above mediocre. Yes, ranked sixth, has received “dozens” from Azerbaijan, Italy, Moldova and “eight” from Belarus and Estonia. The song Tick-Tock is one of the least memorable songs on the Ukrainian Eurovision. Then all heard was Conchita Wurst from Austria.

In 2015, Ukraine refused to participate in the Eurovision song contest. There was a war, the economic situation is dire. As the first national organizer of the contest decided to skip that year.

2016. This story was written just. Was probably the most public national selection, where the claimed a trip to Stockholm Jamal, Hardkiss and Sanz. Defeated JAMAL, it supported all Patriotic-minded citizens, the Crimean Tatars. Her song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars called “Neformat”, it caused hysteria in Russia. Jamal Crimean Tatars are considered a symbol of the struggle for the liberation of the Crimea from Russian occupation. The President wrote in social networks about how proud of a compatriot.

От Пономарева до Джамалы: Как Украина выступала на Евровидении

Yes, it was. But yesterday was the Eurovision finals, where the maximum number of points given to San Marino (never gave any points to our country) and Poland – 24 points. Moldova, Latvia, Italy and Georgia gave 22 points. For 20 points got from Israel and Azerbaijan. Even the Russian audience appreciated JHA 10 points from a possible 12. Everything you need to know about the victory, and even more, you can easily find at our site. For example, HERE.

Sergey Zviglyanich