From the Crimea to Russia was transferred 2200 prisoners – lawyer

Из Крыма в Россию перевели 2200 заключенных - адвокат

2200 prisoners were moved from Crimea to Russia

Those prisoners who do not accept Russian citizenship, more likely to return to serve their sentence in Ukraine.

From the annexed Crimea on the territory of Russia were moved 2200 prisoners, told the expert of the Regional centre for human rights and the Helsinki Union lawyer Roman Martynovskiy in an interview with Gromadsky radio

“Today we have reliable information confirming the presence of the 2,200 people who were displaced from the territory of Crimea to serve his sentence in Russia. But according to unconfirmed reports, these persons are already about 7,000,” said the lawyer.

According to him, there are a couple of reasons.

“For example, in the Crimea there is no female of the colony. Also there is a problem with the sentencing of persons convicted to life imprisonment, and those individuals assigned to strict regime of punishment,” said the defender.

“And, of course, cases that we have recorded, when the Crimean prisoners sent to Russia for refusing to accept Russian citizenship and to sign the documents for obtaining a Russian passport”, – he added.

Martynov added that those prisoners who do not accept Russian citizenship, remains more likely to return to serve their sentence in Ukraine.

A few days earlier the Ukrainian foreign Ministry stated about seven thousand of Ukrainians in Russian prisons.

Earlier Russia has declared that Ukraine does not take prisoners from the Crimea.

However, the Ukrainian Ministry of justice disagreed and stated that Ukraine is ready to take prisoners from the Crimea, and the Russian side strongly opposes such a transfer.