From the Crimea tried to take two dolphins

Из Крыма пытались вывезти двух дельфинов

Fishing for black sea bottlenose dolphins has been prohibited since 1966

“Red” was transferred to animal medical diagnostic center in Yevpatoriya.

In annexed to the Crimea the border guards prevented an attempt to transport two “red book” dolphins without documents in neighboring Russia, according to Interfax.

“In the fishing port of Kerch detained a truck brand Iveco. The driver, a citizen of the Russian Federation born in 1983, there were no passports carried on two specimens of black sea bottlenose dolphins, as well as documents on their transportation,” – said in the message.

The driver announced that he was taking the animals from the Dolphin Crimean town of Saki in Anapa.

On this fact opened a case on administrative offense provided for by article 8.35 of the administrative code. The offenders face a large fine.

The dolphins handed the medical diagnostic center in Yevpatoriya, specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of cetaceans.

The black sea Dolphin subspecies listed in the Red book. Fishing for black sea bottlenose dolphins has been prohibited since 1966. A few individuals caught annually in the Black sea for oceanariums and dolphinariums.

As reported Корреспондент.netin Crimea, killed dolphins due to the construction of the Kerch bridge. Large-scale construction started by the aggressor Russia, adversely affects the ecology of the Black sea.