From the Opposition bloc goes Rabinovich

Из Оппозиционного блока выходит Рабинович

Rabinovich announced its withdrawal from the Opposition bloc

The member wants to go to the “more radical position”.

MP from the Opposition bloc Vadim Rabinovich leaves the faction, the press service of the elect. This was decided at the Congress of his party “the Center”, which is one of the four members in the Opposition bloc.

“In the Politburo of the party “the Center” the members asked me to cease cooperation with the Opposition bloc… About this decision I have today informed the Chairman of the faction Yuriy Boyko, and now I will seek “joint separation” – said Rabinovich.

He also believes that we need to move towards a more radical opposition that would “explain to people what’s really going on and suggest ways out of the crisis”.

In turn, the Opposition bloc statement Rabinovich called “the result of his cooperation with the authorities”.

“I appreciate the fuss Rabinovich as a direct reaction to the rankings released yesterday from the Razumkov Centre. The authorities realized that the Opposition bloc in the first place is to stay, therefore its purpose – at any price to stop our party. The government is working against the opposition means, “paperednik”. And Rabinovich is known to have been looking for ways of cooperation with the government and now seem to have found a common language with her. It is a pity that Vadim proved to be the weak link that could not withstand the influence of power. But his restlessness is his problem, not of the Opposition bloc, and certainly not our voters”, – said the representative of the party Nikolay Skorik.

As reported Корреспондент.net, April 20, members of the Opposition bloc entered vnefraktsionnyh MP Serhiy Kivalov.