From the rubble of a house in Chernihiv, brought the child down,

Из-под завалов дома в Чернигове достали ребенка

The site of the collapse of the wall in the hostel, Chernigov, 12.12. 2016

From the rubble of a collapsed house in Chernihiv took 12-year-old child. This was announced on his page in facebook the head of the SES of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkin.

“At 18:36 from under the rubble of a house in Chernigov took 12-year-old child. Search and rescue operations are continuing,” wrote Chechetkin.

At about 16:20 on the street, 16 in a four-storey residential building in a room on the fourth floor, an explosion occurred without subsequent burning. The explosion collapsed floor slabs from the first to the fourth floor (a total of eight apartments) and the destruction of the exterior wall on the front side. According to the reporter “112 Ukraine” that could explode the gas. It is also reported that at the moment in the Dorm cut off all communication. Also the correspondent reported that perhaps one of the reasons for the collapse was the condition of the house – it was an emergency and on the front there was a large crack.

It was reported that injured 7 people and roughly the two were under the rubble. New data on survivors once found the child yet. As the correspondent of “112 Ukraine”, the person who remains under the rubble is showing signs of life. Victims transported to hotel for overnight stay.

At present, the rescue work involved 95 men and 26 pieces of equipment.