From Ukraine to Manchester will take out the monument to Engels

Из Украины в Манчестер вывезут памятник Энгельсу

The statue will be installed in the centre of Manchester.

Monument to the German businessman and writer Friedrich Engels from the village of Mar’ianivka Kharkiv region will be in English in Manchester, reports TSN.

Four-metre sculpture on the outskirts of the village after the Council found the organizers of the festival Manchester International Festival.

According to the British Phil Collins, he has long wanted to make a festival in honor of the Communist who in Manchester lived for 20 years. In particular, cut in half and wrapped in cellophane, the monument will travel throughout Europe, his journey will take, and then assemble movie.

After the statue plan to install in the centre of Manchester.

Earlier in the city of Chop of Zakarpattia region for the first time in Ukraine, sold the monument to Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, filmed in the framework of de-communization.

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