From Zelensky said about the impossibility of the denationalization of Private

У Зеленского заявили о невозможности денационализации Привата

Danyluk believes that Kolomoisky will receive compensation for Privat

Practical way to make full restitution PrivatBank and return it to the previous owners no, says danyluk.

Advisor to newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, former Finance Minister Alexander danyluk believes that the court’s decision to invalidate the nationalization of the PrivatBank cannot be performed. He stated this in an interview with the, published on Saturday, may 11.

“The court of Kiev recognized illegal nationalization of PrivatBank. Even if we assume that the higher courts will endorse that decision, it will be impossible to fulfill. There is no practical way to make full restitution PrivatBank and return it to the previous owners,” says danyluk.

According to him, in case of restitution the government takes its pledge of more than $ 155 billion, resulting in capital of the Bank immediately reduced by this amount. “Then the Private will not meet the requirements of the national Bank and should be withdrawn from the market”, – said the former Minister.

“Obviously, the option of a return is impossible from a practical point of view…. so I chose the payment option,” said danyluk, adding that “the final decision of the courts”. He stressed the importance of having “at least in the Supreme court, which will adopt a final decision, you can feel it with tarnished reputation”.

According to Danilyuk, a possible solution to compensate former owners or refund PrivatBank shall be paid by the taxpayers.

He acknowledged that the team Zelenskogo “there is a clear conflict of interest” because the lawyer Andrei Bogdan ensures that the interests of the former owners of PrivatBank in the courts against the state, and danyluk was a Minister who was involved in the nationalization of the Bank.

“We were on different sides of the barricades. Therefore, I believe that now none of us needs to focus on the Private and even theoretically be able to influence further developments. Should be built a wall between us and a matter of Private, otherwise it will undermine the trust and discreditied of the President”, – he stressed.

Moreover, said danyluk, the President does not have to delve into the history of PrivatBank. “He needs to think about the future, and in this context it should be interested in the reform of the judicial system. To the reformed, the court issued a fair decision to be taken by the society,” – said the adviser Zelensky.

We will remind, on April 18, the District administrative court of Kyiv at the suit of Igor Kolomoisky declared the nationalization of PrivatBank illegal. The next hearing in the case June 4.


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