From Zelensky want to eliminate MIP

У Зеленского хотят ликвидировать Мининформполитики

Advisor Zelensky said that the planned elimination of MIP

The plans of the presidential team Association National Council for television and radio broadcasting and the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting.

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky plans to eliminate the Ministry of information policy, and to unite the national Council on television and radio broadcasting State Committee for television and radio broadcasting. This was stated by Advisor to the team of political Affairs Nikita Poturaev, according to the Detector media.

“MIP we are planning to restart to zero”, – he said.

Poturaev announced that the presidential team Association National Council on television and broadcasting (independent regulatory body) and the State Committee for television and radio (the Executive authority).

“We have the idea of unification of the state Committee and national Council. Because the Committee is of little economic functions. Need to be strengthened including financial, personnel. We also need to ensure the independence of the regulator,” he said.

According to him, now the team President to discuss the possibility of changing the quota principle of forming the national Council. In particular, three members of the regulator may be appointed by the President, the Parliament and the Cabinet. However, the final decision has not yet been agreed.

Poturaev added that the upgraded controller must be expanded functions.

To the question, how do you plan to join the national Council and state Committee, Poturaev said that by amending the Constitution. Thus, according to Poturaeva, the regulator will remain a constitutional body.

Earlier it became known that a court in Kiev has ordered the NAB to open criminal proceedings on the fact of possible abuse, officials of the Ministry of information policy.

It was also reported that the Ministry of information policy is ordered on the British CNN International 15.4 million.

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