Frost: After the match Zarya – Dnipro was a real mess, for such have 15 days to give

Морозов: После матча Заря - Днепр был настоящий беспредел, за такое должны 15 суток давать

Roman Zozulya is flying on the referee

Football expert Sergey Morozov in an interview with SPORTS bigmir)net commented on the scuffle at the end of the Cup match Zarya – Dnipro

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that, after the return match of 1/2 final Cup of Ukraine Zorya – Dnipro (2:0) players of the Dnepropetrovsk club staged a showdown with the referee, and then switched to the opponent.

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– I believe it was a real mess. People who should set an example for young people, acting inappropriately, – said Sergey Morozov.

– A brawl during a match Shakhtar vs Dinamo the referee in the Protocol qualified as “aggressive behavior“ and not as “deliberate foul on the opponent after a stoppage of play“.

– Unintentional? Like this? When it Stepanenko, and back of the legs it has especially Yarmolenko. It intentionally or not? Previously, for a given 15 days. Who are the players today? These are the same citizens as we are. Yes or no? Now, if an ordinary person would come up to another and punched him what would you do? Planted? Would attract liability? And then hooliganism! So what that football player was hit. It was pure hooliganism. As they will be in the national team, to play, to live, if they will be broken into groups? And they have the honor of the country on the Euro to protect. Don’t understand… Stepanenko emblem kissed, and showed no thumb or something else. Banned emblem kiss, if he’s loyal to his club? And when Yarmolenko stepped on a t-shirt, donated Stepanenko, Andrei said that it’s not necessary to do so badly. He also had not hit the legs…

– Returning to the incident after the match Zarya – Dnipro, how do you regard the actions of Zozulya, who came down from the stands and attacked a referee?

– As he was there at all, if he’s disqualified? Go back to the situation with Yarmolenko. If he can, why Zozulya not? We understand that the Cuckoo can give a three match suspension, as it was with Yarmolenko.

We know that the novel gets a lot yellow cards, he’s aggressive. I don’t think the reaction of the players today was weak. Dnipro lost at the game, and Markevich explained it. He didn’t have today 3-4 players of the basic structure.

– Do you think that the refereeing in the match was objective?

– I’m not a referee and can’t evaluate the work of judges. But, I think, Antoli Abdul, a well-worked match. Maybe there were a couple of mistakes. Again, I’m not a referee, so I cannot adequately evaluate the actions of the referees. For example, he could give a card for simulation Budkovskyy, who three times fell out of the blue, when nobody touched him. If to speak about the penalty, after which dawn scored the winning goal, could give, could not give. Also could give a penalty after a corner kick.

– Why there was a fight, what do you think?

– The match was tense, emotions were on edge at all. It is not the case. The players allow themselves to rudeness. I called them in the air “redneck football“ and don’t regret it.

– Could it be repeated next season? Players can understand that this can give only a small penalty, and then even more they will develop.

– Well liberate… yet there is inertia. If there is chaos in the streets, chaos on the football field begins. Look what they are doing Today… the fans exploded firecrackers, threw chairs on the field. Someone has to deal with it. There are bodies that have to fight it: state, football… These bodies or not finalized, or we must change them.

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