Fukuyama told how Ukraine to fight corruption

Фукуяма рассказал, как Украине победить коррупцию

Francis Fukuyama in Kiev

The famous American Professor attended a meeting of dialogues on the future in Kyiv. Corruption he called a “very common in Ukraine phenomenon”.

Well-known American philosopher and political scientist Francis Fukuyama said that to overcome corruption in Ukraine must be given to NAB additional powers and strengthen the judiciary, reports 24 channel.

This opinion Professor at Stanford University, USA, expressed on the sidelines of the meeting Dialogs on the future in Kyiv.

“Basically, corruption is the political aspect, Corruption is very common in Ukraine the phenomenon, a lot of corrupt people are in politics,” said Fukuyama.

In his opinion, corrupt officials use their position for their own enrichment.

“NABOO needs to obtain more powers… in order to carry out, firstly, investigative activities, and then to bring the perpetrators to justice. Of course, we need to strengthen the judicial branch, because now she’s not so independent. This is a critical element to ensure the rule of law,” – says the analyst.

Fukuyama noted that no growth in the standard of living of the population cannot be achieved without economic growth in the country and urged not to restrict freedom of speech in Ukraine.

“I think the fact of the war in Ukraine should not create preconditions to limit or freedom of expression, democratic discourse and freedom of expression,” he said.

Francis Fukuyama is a famous American philosopher, political economist, writer of Japanese origin. Stanford University Professor. The author of the famous article “the End of history and the last man”. Long time was engaged in the study of the USSR and Russia.


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