Full combat readiness. The military situation in APU

Полная боевая готовность. Военное положение в ВСУ

Planned fees of reservists of the first stage. The General staff stressed that the mobilization will not be to a ground aggression.

In ten regions of Ukraine began to operate a regime of martial law. The armed forces of Ukraine given in full combat readiness.

In the highest state of combat readiness of the armed forces and other paramilitary forces need to consolidate and direct training for immediate military action.

Meanwhile, Russia has deployed in Dzhankoy in the Crimea the fourth anti-aircraft missile system s-400 Triumph. APU bordering poluostrov annexed the territory of Kherson region will increase the presence of “largely”. Коореспондент.net tells details.


What has changed in the APU with the military situation

“Full combat readiness” – the highest state of combat readiness of military units and units of the translation from peacetime to martial law.

The General staff announced that the Armed forces agree on the issues of cooperation with the defense councils of those areas where martial law was imposed.

Military strengthen air defense, and in December going to hold a training missile firing at sea surface targets.

Azov crisis. Forces of Ukraine and Russia in the sea

At the level of regions and local self-government establishing councils of defense. Grounds for the organization of military administration yet. But the APU is prepared for this option is also noted in the General staff.

The defense Ministry launched the centre for coordination and collaboration. First Deputy defense Minister Ivan Rusnak underlined that the military has enough transport to do the job.

Speech on the confiscation of property or transport is not.

Also, the military plans to build additional hospitals in areas where there is a threat. For military provisions identified about 300 hospitals throughout Ukraine, which can be evacuated by the military, police and civilian.

These medical facilities should be supply of blood products, essential drugs and the provision of places in offices and intensive care.

Along the border will put a combat brigade, said the President Petro Poroshenko. According to him, the most dangerous is the border with Russia, but because crews will focus there and on Azov.

S-300, Buk, Tor. Missile firing of Ukrainian armed forces near Crimea

In the case of open full-scale ground aggression will be involved in everything – starting from mobilization ending to the functioning of the headquarters of the territorial defence, the President said.

The mobilization of reservists

Planned fees of reservists of the first stage. In the reserve of the first stage get soldiers who were drafted into the ranks of the Ukrainian army from the first to the sixth stage of mobilization, as well as those who passed military service starting in 2014.

These are people under 40 who have been trained, assigned to military units, and I know their commander, that is, those who are prepared to perform combat tasks, told in the defense Ministry.

Gathering of reservists of the first stage will be held on a single shooting day. They will receive monetary compensation from three to five thousand hryvnia, depending on the position.

Second place – all other reservists, including those on military service until 2014 or the service contract. Charges to the operational reserve of the second stage will not be under martial law.

On friendship and the sea of Azov. Treaties of Ukraine with Russia

The General staff explained that this was not mobilization, namely fees of reservists.

“Mobilization will not be carried out in the sense that they are talking about. We talk about the operational reserve of the first stage. With them, meetings will be held, that is, the mobilization will not. They will not become soldiers. They will hold a meeting on the principle of small day – once a week,” said Deputy chief of the General staff of the Tymoshenko Rodion.


To the Crimea pull together military forces

In conditions of martial law on the border with the annexed Crimea the Kherson region will significantly increase the military presence, said the head of regional state administration Andrey Gordeev.

Also strengthening of protection admirality with the Crimea and border crossing points, establishment of a special regime of entry and exit, restriction of freedom of movement of foreigners and persons without citizenship.

Ports are also included in the action plan for the protection forces brigade of the territorial defence, the national police, the national guard. Limited hunting.

In the Kherson region to impose a curfew and withdraw the technique from the martial law will not.

The region will hold a 10-day gathering of brigades of the territorial defence of the Kherson region.

Russia November 29 unfolded in Creatitvity anti-aircraft missile system s-400 Triumph. The division is located in Dzhankoy district – 20 kilometers from mainland Ukraine.

Crews of s-400 deployed launchers, bound to the location and started tracking the goals stated in the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation.

The other three divisions deployed in the area of Evpatoria, Feodosia and Sevastopol. The range of the system is 400 kilometers. In the zone of their action enters the airspace of the Kherson and Zaporizhia region and partially airspace Odessa, Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad regions.

The Answer Is Ukraine. Russia has deployed in Crimea-400

S-400 is designed to defeat all modern and promising means of air attack, including strategic bombers, ballistic and cruise missiles and can be used against ground targets. The complex is capable of hitting targets at altitudes up to 30 kilometers.

On the eve of the Russian TV channels published a video transfer of anti-coastal complexes of the Ball in the Crimea. It was reported that they are moving on the highway Sevastopol-Kerch.

Russia also plans to deploy in Sevastopol, the system of missile attack warning Voronezh-M.


What oznachat martial law

Martial law is a special legal regime that provides for the granting of special powers of the state authorities.

Some measures that can be introduced during martial law:

  • the powers of the President cannot be dismissed; in fact, he is the only head of Ukraine;
  • the impossibility of holding elections;
  • military right of ownership of any enterprise can be used for defense purposes;
  • curfew;
  • restriction of movement of citizens and transport, inspection of documents, things, housing and so on;
  • the prohibition of rallies and other mass events;
  • regulation of the media

Under the decree, the President instructed the armed forces General staff to organize a partial mobilization and training sessions with the reserve operational reserve. However, this does not mean immediate mobilization.

The President decree also instructed to increase the security of the army, to prepare the object shelter, the local authorities instructed to create councils of defense.

In addition, the decree instructed the security forces to implement activities and powers necessary to ensure the defence of Ukraine, protection of public safety and the interests of the state.

Poroshenko on the eve of the vote assured that the basic constitutional rights of citizens during the period of martial law will not be limited. He Dubail that the rights and freedoms of citizens may be restricted only in the ground aggression on the part of Russia and in accordance with the Constitution.

However, published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the text of the relevant decree provides that opportunity.

Полная боевая готовность. Военное положение в ВСУ


What rights of citizens can be restricted:

  • The inviolability of the home.
  • The privacy of correspondence and telephone conversations.
  • Non-interference in personal and family life.
  • Freedom of movement, free choice of place of residence and travel abroad.
  • Freedom of speech, expression of views.
  • The right to elect and be elected.
  • The right to peaceful Assembly, rallies, marches and demonstrations.
  • The right to private property.
  • The right to entrepreneurial activity.
  • The right to choice of employment and the prohibition of forced labour.
  • The right to strike.
  • The right to education and compulsory secondary education.

What are the rights and freedoms of citizens may not be limited to:

  • The equality of all citizens before the law.
  • Deprivation of citizenship and the right to change citizenship.
  • The right to life, liberty and security of person.
  • The right to appeal to state authorities, local self-government, officials and service persons of these bodies.
  • Housing rights.
  • The right to compensation by the state or local authorities for material and moral damages inflicted by unlawful decisions, actions or inaction of state authorities.
  • The presumption of nevinovnosti.

Also the introduction of martial law cannot be the basis for the application of torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment.


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