Fund Kolesnikova recognized as the best philanthropist

Фонд Колесникова признан лучшим благотворителем

Hundreds of winners of the project Aviator 2017 visited the Le Bourget air show in Paris

The Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov was the winner of the National rating of philanthropists-2017.

An independent organization Ukrainian philanthropists ‘ forum, announced the winners of the National rating of philanthropists in 2017. The Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov was recognized as the largest national charitable organization with a budget of over 10 million UAH to the development of education and science of Ukraine, the press service of the organization.

The President of charity Foundation Boris Kolesnikov thanked the Ukrainian philanthropists forum for the recognition and noted that the organization in the future will be to develop educational and sports projects and to provide comprehensive assistance to youth.

“My Foundation invests in young elite of Ukraine – pilots, railroad workers, architects. Best of them we sent to Europe and Asia at the prestigious profile in forums where they have the opportunity to Express themselves and gain experience. The winners of our contests develop our railway and architectural industry, join the ranks of aircraft designers and engineers, represent Ukraine in the international arena. The youth is our tomorrow, in which we are investing today,” – said Kolesnikov

The ranking was carried out according to the volumes of aid provided in three categories – up to 1 million UAH, from UAH 1 million to 10 million; over 10 million UAH. In each segment, it was noted foundations and organizations that work in different directions.

The national rating of philanthropists – professional independent rating of charities and organizations that are willing to publish their tax records.

The Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov 2008 completed projects for Ukrainian engineering students, school children and sport young people of Donbass, and also provided targeted assistance to needy children and the elderly. Projects 12,000 Ukrainian engineering students took part in the Ukrainian open competitions Aviator, Railroad, Architect. 500 students were winners of the charity educational initiatives of the Foundation and attended the prestigious specialized forums in the UK, France, Germany and Japan. In addition, with the support of the Fund in Druzhkovka Donetsk region operates the largest in Ukraine children and youth sports school, HC Donbass.