Funny moments from the world of NBA

Забавные моменты из мира НБА

Zach Lavin

We present exciting news from the world of the NBA.

Zach Lavigne scored far in excess of the dunk with a turn of 360 degrees

Defender of Minnesota’s Zack Levine, is the winner of the last two dunk contests, once again demonstrated their talents in one of the exercises of Minnesota.

Embiid did not like the decision of the coaches, injured the shop

Center Philadelphia the Joel Embiid received news that will not go to a second overtime during the break between the additional updates.

In his debut season Embiid spends a limited time (about 24 minutes), in order not to aggravate the injury because of which missed the last two seasons. In the match against Memphis Joel played 27 minutes, and predictably appeared on the floor in the second overtime.

The news of his replacement player was perceived as very emotional, a little argue with the club doctor, and then he stomped on the lava spare. Note that, on account of Embiid in this match 12 points and 11 rebounds.

Joel Embiid was not able to play in the second OT due to minutes restrictions and he was NOT happy about it

– Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 24, 2016

Ilyasova faked and hit the partner’s face

Forward of the Philadelphia Ersan Ilyasova in the fight with Zach Randolph decided to embellish reality and began to fall after a collision with an opponent.

Falling to the floor, the Turk spread his arms and hit the person owning at this point the ball Jarred Bayliss.

Harden posted a note — a promise that he will be a star

The leader Houston and one of the main contenders for the title of best player of the season James harden posted a photo of his own notes made at the age of 12.

“Wake me up at 7:00. And could you leave me some money?

P. S. Keep this leaflet. I’m gonna be a star,” wrote 12-year-old harden.

– James Harden (@JHarden13) on November 23, 2016

 Sefolosha talked with a young fan

Swingman Atlanta Thabo Sefolosha in the end victory against Indiana found an opportunity to take a seat and chat with a young fan rivals.

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