Fury for renewal of a license need to undergo new doping test

Фьюри для возобновления лицензии нужно пройти новый допинг-тест

Tyson Fury

Tyson fury is still far from being able to obtain permission to return to the ring.

The head of the British Board of Boxing control Robert Smith said that the license Tyson fury will be restored only after it will provide new data of medical examinations.

“Fury will get a Boxing license only after will provide us with fresh survey results.

We already have several reports since then, as his license was suspended. We need fresh data, and then they are passed to our doctors and consultants. They tell me if they need something else.

But we do not drop any closer to this stage. I spoke with Mike Hennessy, promoter of Tyson fury, he promised to send the necessary documents, but so far this did not happen” – quoted by Robert Smith BBC.

Earlier it was reported that Tyson fury plans to return to the ring in April to protect the last title belonging to him.

According to the materials: