Fury: I hate to talk with all of you idiots

Фьюри: Я ненавижу говорить со всеми вами идиотами

Fury does not consider himself an athlete

British boxer Tyson fury has made a number of loud statements at a press conference.

“Klitschko did not throw strikes last time. Let’s hope that, in England, he will take the initiative. He is psychologically unstable. He will tremble, he is afraid of me“ – quoted fury boxingscene.

“I’m already number one. And I hate Boxing. I hate to talk with all of you idiots. I would prefer to be home and eating chocolates with my kids. I earn too much money from a fight with Klitschko to abandon it. I don’t even live as the athlete needs. It is an absolute shame to call me an athlete,“ said the Briton.

“Look at me, and then at Vladimir. I’m a fat man. And I managed to beat athletic Klitschko. He should be ashamed,“ – said fury.

“I’m a trained monkey. I’m a bastard, but people want to see me like this. If I wasn’t so, none of you would have received your money. I do it all for you,“ said fury.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Klitschko said that the beating of fury – all that matters from now on.

Note, the tickets for the rematch Klitschko – fury will go on sale in late April.

The first battle between the British Tyson fury (25-0, 18 KO’s) and Wladimir Klitschko (64-4, 53 KO’s) took place on 28 November 2015 and ended with the victory fury by unanimous decision.

Look, Tyson fury danced for Vladimir Klitschko at the press conference:

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