Gabriela won the sprint in Pokljuka, Behind – the seventh

Макаряйнен выиграла спринт в Поклюке, Пидгрушная - седьмая

Yulia Jim started in the yellow Jersey and at the finish rounded out the top 20. The best on the team this time was not Jim, but the captain Olena Pidhrushna.

The sprint race among women in Pokljuka was significant for the Ukrainian national team and personally for Yulia Jima – at the start the leader of our team came out, proudly showing off Beebe in the yellow of overall leader.

In the race Julia has once again confirmed his excellent shooting form, but at the speed were inferior to the leaders quite a lot, like other Ukrainian women. This has led to the current world Cup leader to 20-th place at the finish of the sprint.

The best on the team this time was not Jim, but the captain Olena Pidhrushna. After passing both turn without failures, by the speed of the last lap she managed to grab the seventh position, and just 0.1 seconds from the flower ceremony.

Another result in the end zone for our team showed Valya Semerenko, propustila first start of the season recovering from illness. And Pidhrushna with Dimoj, Val without a miss worked on the shooting range. The final 25-th place – not bad for a start.

Anastasiya Merkushyna scored great rate of fire, taking second place in the race for this indicator. But one accurate shot, it still lacked that prevented Merkushino to break into the top 40. With one miss Nastia 46-th result.

Not only no Cup points but without pursuit, left Yulia Zhuravok, who became the 85th, with one penalty.

The victory in the race was won by current winner of the Big Crystal Globe, Kaisa mäkäräinen. Finca, as the day before Johannes boe was forced to rehabilitate after the failure in the individual race, where Kaisa has missed four times already on the first turn and finished 30th. Today, Gabriela, everything was perfect: familiar best move among all competitors, shooting clean – and 15-second advantage at the finish over their followers.

Decent resistance Finnish prima had Italy’s Dorothea Wierer. But when Kaisa’s shooting zeros, the second place in the race can be considered a champion. The third step on the podium was taken by the French Justine Breza – traditionally quick athlete, today I managed to fully cope with the shooting, was awarded bronze in the sprint.

Sprint. Women

1. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (0+0) 20:08,1
2. Dorothea Wierer (0+0) +14,8
3. Justine Breza (0+0) +42,1

7. Olena Pidhrushna (0+0) +49,0
20. Julia Jim (0+0) +1:15,1
25. Valj Semerenko (0+0) +1:22,7
46. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+1) +1:50,8
85. Yuliya Zhuravok (1+0) +3:33,2

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