Gaina: Ukraine soon to be created national export strategy

Микольская: В Украине скоро будет создана Национальная экспортная стратегия

Nataliya Mykolska, Deputy Minister of economic development and trade in the air “112 Ukraine”

In Ukraine, soon to be created national export strategy. This was the Deputy Minister of economic development and trade – trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska was announced at the Second international business conference free trade Area: opportunities and challenges for Ukraine and partners.

In Ukraine, work is underway on the creation of a National export strategy. The work involved about 100 people, including MPs and professional Associations. The document should be “a strategic map, a plan of action” for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Soon the text will be published.

“Five years have not been established in Ukraine strategy, which would define the priorities and directions of export priority markets,” said Gaina.

She also noted that the Ukrainian exporters do not fully use the potential for export to countries such as France, Germany, India, China. It announced the sending of trade missions from Ukraine to the country in supplies, which the Ukrainian entrepreneurs are interested. Tomorrow . On 3 December the mission will travel to Kenya and Tanzania: “We see in these countries great export potential,” said Gaina.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, during the same conference said that in the near future export strategy will be approved and added that the country with such capabilities and capacity in the medium term of 3-5 years, is doomed to success.

“I know that in the medium term, 3-5 years, 45 million people in the country in Central Europe with such opportunities, with so much potential, it is doomed to success. What’s stopping us? Hampered by the lack, unfortunately, in many cases, government position, populism, corruption, is all that we have to destroy” – said the Prime Minister.

Recall that in August this year, the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine (MEDT) initiated work on the establishment of a national export strategy, for which development and action plan for the next 5 years, the Agency will be international expert support.

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