Galaxy tab S3: works while you on vacation

GalaxyTab S3: работает, пока вы в отпуске

Samsung brought to market its most top-end tablet and we took it on a summer holiday

Good tablet pocket does not pull. And in Hiking hipster backpack will fit to hold it properly – if not the most important – place. Let’s face it: tablet Samsung galaxy tab S3, the main gadget for your summer adventures, you act with dignity, allowing you to combine your multimedia leisure with the mountains, the ocean and walks on the visa-free Europe.

Vacation vs work

We all love to relax. Loves it and Tab S3, although it is primarily top business gadget that hit the market recently –in time for the summer season. Knowing that many of us just need even in the journey to manage urgent requests messenger and even excel spreadsheets with dozens of tabs.

Let’s be honest: rarely one of the most effective managers are the vacation days, when you don’t have “an hour to work.” A smartphone is not easy, and to take on a long journey the laptop, especially if you’re flying on vacation and not traveling by car – not very convenient. Here a thin and light tablet with a good screen size would be a reasonable thing.
The working surface S3 Tab allows you to browse business documents with complete comfort – without small ten inch screen will not hide the slightest comma out of quarterly report. In addition, there is no weak place of many larger tablets – low pixel density. Have Tab S3 c that’s all right: the display provides the resolution of 2048×1536 and a density of 264 ppi, which is more than enough for colorful games and movies, not to mention the letters and numbers.

By the way, about the letters. The tablet has a connector for a mobile keyboard which is already inside the corporate case (not included) to turn the tablet into a compact but powerful laptop going for a few seconds. As in the most advanced electronic Notepad – thanks to the electronic Pen S Pen, which is included. This pen recognizes several thousands of degrees of pressure – this means that you can not only write but also draw and good even for professionals. This option is generally useful to artists and designers who leave has its advantages – images for inspiration.

GalaxyTab S3: работает, пока вы в отпуске



Relax effortlessly

However, to use this tablet exclusively for office applications or for drawing – so to underestimate his true potential. Especially on vacation, when we suddenly have time to watch the new season of the cult sitcom or appreciate the vivid graphics mobile best-selling games.

Such tablet can easily cope with multimedia tasks as if they were just waiting. Powerful processor and the bulk memory allows a picture to go smoothly and without jerks – and screen, made by brand for Samsung features super AMOLED technology, the performance saturates all the colors of the planet.

Did not disappoint and sound, and this is especially important if you are watching a movie alone. In addition to you and your loved ones, movie “looking” more and four speakers made exclusively for Samsung Austrians from AKG – a world leader in the creation of professional audio equipment.

We tested the sound Tab S3 in pretty extreme environments – in nature. Let’s be honest: I want to sound pretentious to call “sound” – so surround sound produces a gadget, not paying attention to the noise of the wind, the murmur of the river and the rustle of leaves. In General, the music during the picnic will be loud and persuasive. And the picture in the sun, of course, fades, but the stock brightness is such that only the battery limits our options. It here, however, is enough for a full day of active use, including games, video and photography.

If the battery is still drained of their potential, the fast charging option will return the tablet to life in the shortest possible time is a credit to the most advanced for today of USB 3.1 connectors.

GalaxyTab S3: работает, пока вы в отпуске



And again about the design

In General, its premium price tablet fulfills. And most importantly – he knows how to please. The impression of a solid device Tab S3 produces at first acquaintance. Glass front and back, metal frame, coupled with classic minimalism – in amount tablet, which has reached ideal balance between form and content. Dwell on the past – it will be interesting for those who understand the characteristics of mobile electronics:

GalaxyTab S3: работает, пока вы в отпуске



Inspection: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

• Processor: QualcommSnapdragon 820, Of 2.15 GHz
• Video Card – Adreno 530
• RAM: 4GB storage: 32GB + microSD
• Display: SuperAMOLED, 9.7 inches, resolution is 2048×1536 (4:3)
• Battery: 6000 mAh, fast charging
• Camera: front — 5MP, main – 13 MP
• Weight: 429 g
• Thickness: 6 mm