Gandzyuk did not recognize the suspect of the attacker

Гандзюк не узнала в подозреваемом нападавшего

Gandzyuk’m pretty sure Novikov was not involved in the attempt on it

The injured woman am 99% sure that the arrested suspect is a random person.

Arrested on suspicion of assaulting an activist from Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk 99% is a random person. About the injured woman told the Ukrainian truth.

“I sympathize with that poor fellow, who was detained in my case the police, the 99% is a random person. I understand that it was necessary to quickly put out information waves, and that made the price of his fate. My family, who saw her attacker, saying that it is not he,” said Gandzyuk.

She also told the police her in person investigative actions are not carried out because law enforcement authorities to Catherine was not allowed to doctors. “I saw it online, but I don’t know his (suspect – ed). Now I find it difficult to keep abreast of the investigation, because I’m focused on your health and recovery. I have a day surgery which painful rehabilitation,” explained the victim.

According to Gandzyuk, in its physical elimination a lot of people are interested. “A lot of this can be profitable to get rid of an inconvenient officer like me. The more I get out of the landscape, what annoyed many people not only from Kherson. But few can go on the offence,” she said.

Member of Kherson city Council believes that the customer’s attack may be law enforcement officers. “I’m pretty sure the customer in the wardrobe hangs a uniform with epaulets, probably, not even one”, – said Gandzyuk. According to her, from law enforcement she had received threats and warnings.

Recall that Gandzyuk poured acid on the morning of 31 July in Kherson. Police are investigating the case under article attempt at murder with special cruelty. In this case he was arrested Nikolai Novikov, an alibi which stated some people who claim that the man was not in Kherson in the day of the attack, and the rest in Skadovsk.

The Prosecutor’s office said that the attempt on Gandzyuk can be a part of officials and law enforcement officers. The police involvement of its workers to attack deny.


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