Gas reserves in Ukraine will be enough for 22 years of production

Запасов газа в Украине хватит на 22 года добычи

For the year Ukraine mined about 20.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Gas reserves in Ukraine at the current production rates will last for 22 years. This was written by the Chairman of the Board of Nadra of Ukraine Yaroslav Klimovich in his article in the Governmental courier.

He noted that in Ukraine, openly 402 gas fields. Of these, 387 are located on land and 15 on the shelves of the Azov and Black seas.

“In Ukraine 402 hydrocarbons. Of them in industrial development – 269. State balance of mineral reserves of Ukraine in 402 deposits accounted for mined natural gas reserves in the amount 905,6 billion. As the experience of mining works in Ukraine, these reserves can be extracted only half, and is 22 years of production,” wrote Klimovich.

He also noted that if we are able to accelerate the pace of production, then a period of 22 years will be reduced proportionally to the increase of the rate. According to Klimovich, now in Ukraine, the rate amounts to about 2%, at the same time as the European average – 10% (the ratio of extracted material to proven reserves).

On this basis, he stressed the necessity of carrying out in Ukraine large-scale prospecting works on territories where the content is in a 5.6 trillion cubic meters of gas, as well as through exploration of unconventional gas deposits.

Earlier Groisman noted that before 2020 Ukraine will fully refuse from the import of gas.

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