Gazprom has restricted the use of the OPAL gas pipeline

Газпрому ограничили использование газопровода OPAL

Gazprom has again banned the use of OPAL at full capacity

Poland’s PGNiG has won the EU Court case about the pipeline OPAL, which will allow Gazprom to abandon the gas transit through Ukraine.

Russian Gazprom banned the use of the OPAL pipeline at full capacity. This was stated in the Twitter of Ministry of Poland Tuesday, September 10.

“The EU court ruled favorable for Poland’s verdict on the use of Gazprom’s gas pipeline OPAL. The court reversed the decision of the European Commission, giving the Russian company the right to use the pipeline 100%”, – stated in the message.

The statement noted that the decision of the Court of justice on the OPAL pipeline will allow Gazprom to abandon the gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

“The verdict of the EU is of great importance from the point of view of a speedy termination of the agreement on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine. Due to the limited use of OPAL pipeline Gazprom will have to reduce the use of Nord stream, which means that it probably won’t be able to completely abandon the transit of gas through Ukraine will be forced to continue trilateral negotiations with the European Commission and Ukraine”, – stated in the document.

“The victory of Poland in this case reduces the likelihood of a serious gas crisis in Ukraine, which has also hit other countries in the region, including Poland,” said the energy Minister of Poland Krzysztof Tchorzewski.

Before it became known that the gas negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will take place on September 19.

A decades-old ban on access to the Russian gas monopoly to almost all facilities OPAL in October 2016, lifted by the European Commission.

However, this was opposed by the Polish gas company PGNiG and the Polish government. They filed lawsuits to the European court and the court of düsseldorf, after which the maximum utilization of Gazprom OPAL was again suspended.

In October 2017, the German court again allowed Gazprom to use OPAL at close to full capacity.


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