Gazprom took a record share of the EU market

Газпром занял рекордную долю на рынке ЕС

In 2016 Russia will supply to foreign countries of about 179 billion cubic meters of gas.

The share of Russian gas in the balance of CIS countries in 2016 reached 33.5% after 31% by the end of 2015.

“The share of Gazprom’s gas is growing steadily and has almost reached approximately 1/3 of the gas consumption in Europe”, – said in December the corporate newsletter of Gazprom-export.

As evidenced by the calculations, in 2016, Gazprom will supply in foreign countries about 179 billion cubic meters of gas (after 159,4 billion cubic meters in 2015).

According to analysts of Interfax Global Energy, in 2016, the gas consumption in Europe will increase from 469 to 488 billion cubic meters, and in Turkey – will be reduced from 47.8 billion cubic metres to 45.1 billion cubic meters.

In this case, if the European market grew by 4-5%, the supply of gas to Gazprom has risen to a multiple several times higher – at 13%.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier Gazprom warned Europe about the price increase. According to CEO Alexei Miller, gas prices in the fourth quarter to grow following the risen oil prices.

Ukraine will not buy gas from Russia before the end of winter

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