Geleta will not write a statement on parasiuk because of the conflict.

Гелетей не будет писать заявление на Парасюка из-за конфликта под Радой

The conflict between Geletey and Parasyuk

Geleta says that Parasyuk so it didn’t get.

The head of the state protection Valery geletey will not write a police report on the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. The head of the DPP said on Tuesday, October 17, the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“There is a good rule not to argue and not to conduct dialogue with people of this type to not stoop to their level, because that’s what they want,” said geleta.

He also added that Parasyuk really him and not hit.

“I in any case with any statement not addressed. I’m not saying there are injuries or torn clothes, there was an unpleasant incident. Shock there was, was a push and his verbiage” – he said.

Geletey also said that the action parasiuk was planned and had a populist character. According to the head of HUGO, this is evidenced by the fact that the MP took a man who was videotaping him.

We will remind, under the Verkhovna Rada a verbal altercation between the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk and head of the Department of state protection Valery Geletey turned into a brawl.