General Budnik found 16 gold bars

У генерала Будника нашли 16 слитков золота

The chief of the police Department guard of Ukraine Sergey Budnik

In addition to gold from suspect in bribery General found tens of thousands of dollars and euros.

The chief of the police Department of protection Sergey Budnik, who is suspected of bribery, law enforcement officers found 16 gold bars. This is referred to in the trial transcript, transfer Ukrainian news.

During the carried-out searches in the suspect’s home was seized 16 gold bars, 44 million dollars, 11.5 million euros and 5 thousand hryvnias. Police also searched the police Department’s guards, seized the system unit video.

The General Prosecutor urged the court to arrest the seized property, the court granted the application.

Recall, August 22 Budnik was detained during receiving a bribe. According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, June Budnik managed to get more than 170 thousand hryvnias. On August 28, Budnik already out of Kyiv detention facility.