Georgian coup. New charges against Saakashvili

Грузинский переворот. Новые обвинения Саакашвили

Police say that the protest Saakashvili is financed from abroad and could end in a coup.

Rallies by the Verkhovna Rada turned into a protest behalf of the former head of Odessa state regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili.

Supporters Miho camped without specific requirements. The government, meanwhile, accused Saakashvili of plotting and are ready to expel it. has gathered information about what is happening around the mountain-Georgian.

Foreign funding

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko claims that the remaining under the Verkhovna Rada activists financed from abroad and is going to prove it.

“The right to peaceful protest does not mean preparing for a violent coup that started a small group of people. 150-200 people require only what they want, with the support of funding from abroad. At the time, I’ll prove it,” – said Lutsenko.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov also tells about foreign track on the protests. According to his version, the former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Vladimir Oleynik “funded tent” near the Parliament.

“There stands my tent, I have it funded, there Cherkassy, which I know well, they asked me for help,” – said in an interview with the Russian press, the fugitive Deputy.

On specifying question of the journalist, which means “financed”, he said that there are certain costs associated “with contents, food and other needs” which he pays.

The activists get money from Olejnik denied.


When Saakashvili was Governor of Odessa, he forced his subordinates to issue a residence permit in Ukraine for 20 citizens of Georgia, said Lutsenko.

According to him, now these people travel around the country on cars yeah and the machines purchased for the money of the Foundation, which was funded by the customers of the Odessa customs.

“Now they are preparing a revolution – it will not work… Saakashvili challenged the state law enforcement officers to give him an answer,” – said Lutsenko.

The state migration service deals with the removal of the 20 citizens of Georgia.

According to Lutsenko, Saakashvili in its activities relies “on a narrow range of extremists Georgian and Ukrainian origin.”

Saakashvili, in turn, has accused Lutsenko of xenophobia and baseless claims.

“All of his speech was steeped in xenophobia. The attorney General said that throughout Ukraine, people go on the machines, bought and paid for the Odessa customs, and prepared a coup. Seriously?”, said Saakashvili.

“First of all the Georgians who were with me (when he was head of the Odessa regional state administration – ed.), invited Poroshenko. I don’t know how they made out, but I do know that some Georgians, which brought Poroshenko, he met not once,” he added.

Saakashvili noted that at the time, President Petro Poroshenko met with former adviser to the former head of the Odessa customs Marushevskaya Julia Goga a Recover, who introduced him to open customs Union following the example of Georgia, and the President of Ukraine pledged support in its implementation.


The court of appeal of Lviv region upheld the decision of the Mostyska district court to declare Saakashvili guilty of illegal border crossing.

Also, the State migration service denied Saakashvili’s refugee status. Lutsenko claims that now ex-President can be deported.

The State migration service said that Saakashvili ignores the question of the settlement of its legal status in Ukraine.

It “gives reasonable grounds to the competent authorities to carry out the procedural arrangements concerning his departure from the territory of Ukraine exclusively within the framework of the current legislation”, – stated in the message Department.

It is noted that Saakashvili refused to consider the application for the granting of additional protection due to the fact that it is filed with violations.

Namely, paragraph 8, of article 1 (statement is not in standard form) and article 7 (the application must be submitted personally or through a legal representative) of the law of Ukraine “On refugees and persons in need of complementary or temporary protection”.

In the LCA explained that on September 11, 2017 at 09:00 in the office of the chief of the management of GMS in the Lviv region came a group of four. They did not present any identity documents and leave the corresponding statement of additional protection on behalf of Saakashvili. This person had attached a copy of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.

But Saakashvili was not going anywhere. He stated that he moved to a tent opposite Parliament and will continue to defend their rights.

Empty tents

City authorities say they received complaints from Kiev on the overlap of the carriageway of the street Grushevskogo, where the protesters have set up tents.

“I personally was on Grushevskogo need to road closures, there was no, these tents are standing there empty, and it is critically affecting the transport infrastructure of the city, because to move through the centre is almost impossible. And we are ready to enter into negotiations with the organizers of this event,” said Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopiv live on 112 channel.

According to him, on the website of the city Council was even a petition to unblock the carriageway.

What’s next?

The former Governor of the Odessa region has called on its supporters to gather at Assembly on Sunday at the Parliament building.

Under the Rada is going to quite a few people, but if you attempt to expel Saakashvili from the country, their number may increase. To confrontation would result from the use of force by law enforcement officers that would be on hand an organizer of the damped protests.