Gerashchenko: Activists near the Parliament paid

Геращенко: Активистам возле Рады платили

The MP showed the distribution of money under the Rada

The MP has provided evidence of paid meeting.

The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko in Facebook posted a video as some people were giving out money near the Verkhovna Rada. The MP claims that it was the people Kaplin and Saakashvili.

“In confirmation of the words I publish the videos after a hard day, paid activists get their well-deserved money. This is part of the paid activists, which was not aggressive. The so-called trade unions of Lenin Kaplin. Aggressive – those who deliberately insulted the deputies and not let them into the hall, was organized by a group of Saakashvili – Derevyanko. The price paid for the part in the provocations were performed in office Saakashvili where these young men and went after the failed operation,” – wrote the MP.

According to Gerashchenko, customers of provocation was hoping that the aggressive actions will cause a reaction of the police to create a “picture to TV”. Supposedly it had during the vidit special EU Mission headed by Donald Tusk.

“All the recorded facts of hooliganism and violent actions by the National police launched the investigation, which will have performers, customers and the organizers of this ambitious and well thought-out provocation against the Ukrainian Parliament and the state”, – said Gerashchenko.

Recall, July 13, protesters blocked the exits from Parliament.

The assault will not go? What happens to the Parliament