Gerashchenko called version of the attack on the volunteers

Геращенко назвал версии покушения на добровольцев

Amina Okueva and Anton Gerashchenko

Firing in Adam Osmayev and amine Okueva discovered the identity of the citizen of Ukraine, the police are checking his story.

MP, Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said on Facebook that one of the versions attempt on the participants of the ATO Adam Osmayev and amine Okueva − murder, prepared by the Russian special services.

“The investigation will consider all versions of the motives of the assassination attempt on Adam Osmayev and amine Okueva. There certainly will be a Chechen trace, which is more likely to promote Russian propaganda media and their accomplices in Ukraine. Another version, which is obvious in this case, is the attempt of a well thought out and organized assassinations, prepared in advance is introduced in Ukraine Hitman, prepared by the Russian special services,” − said Gerashchenko.

He also stressed that the killer discovered the identity of the citizen of Ukraine in the name of Dakar Alexander Manusovich, 1958.

“Now the police and intelligence agencies to check the reality of the existence of such a person and his life story… the citizen of Ukraine, most likely, not a Dakar Alexander Manusovich, and absolutely other person who regularly traveled to Russia for instructions from the center”, − wrote Advisor to the Minister.

According to him, the last drop-Dakar from Russia took place in mid-may of 2017.

“Then this man suddenly decided to get in touch with Adam by Usmevem and Emine Okueva under the guise of a journalist of the French newspaper “Le Mond”, − said Gerashchenko.

In Kiev, at the hem was a shooting, there are wounded

Recall, June 1, in Kiev there was an assassination attempt on members of ATU, who served in the ranks of the police battalion Kyiv-2, Osmayev and Okueva.

Militiamen consider as the main version of the crime Patriotic position of the spouses. Upon attempt at murder of two and more persons the criminal proceedings.