Gerashchenko: Detained a dangerous terrorist “Sanych”

Геращенко: Задержан опасный террорист "Саныч"

The grata (right) was friends with Motorola

The MP believes that counterintelligence must be submitted to the awards.

Counterintelligence SBU detained Russian military personnel of the airborne troops Colonel Valery Grachova that with a fake Ukrainian passport were sent to the unrecognized Transnistria. About this Facebook said the MP Anton Geraschenko.

“I congratulate the Ukrainian counterintelligence with the big win! As a result, complicated online game, was today detained a dangerous terrorist Valeriy Grata named head coach. The operation to entice Ukraine into the old robber lasted more than six months. It is a valuable source of information about the actions of the Russian secret service’s seizure of Crimea and the failed operation “Russian spring” in the Donbass,” writes the MP.

He also believes that all employees of the intelligence involved in the planning and implementation of the special operation on detention of the head coach, must be presented to the high state awards.

Earlier the journalist Andrew Tsaplienko also wrote about the operation, adding that the detained friend Motorola, Givi and Zakharchenko.

“He thought that everything will go smoothly. He’s done this trick several times. In his pocket a passport in the name Valeriya Voytenko. Inconspicuous retiree, a modest war veteran. Ukrainian passport. Solidly made master of his business,” writes the journalist.

Napomnim, earlier it was reported that the detainee in the Donbass Victor Ageev has confirmed that he was sent to East Ukraine after signing of the contract on service in the Armed forces of Russia.

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