Gerashchenko: Gunman in Okueva and Osmayev in June, faces life

Геращенко: Стрелявшему в Окуеву и Осмаева в июне грозит пожизненное

The killer who tried to assassinate a Chechen volunteers, faces life in prison

A killer who tried to assassinate a Chechen volunteers, is in jail.

The killer, who in June had tried to shoot Chechen volunteers Aminu Okueva and Adam Osmayev, faces life in prison. On Tuesday, October 31, according to the 112 Ukraine with reference to the MP and adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

According to him, the court in the case of the killer can be held in the coming time, and at the moment he is in prison.

“He is now in jail, the case will soon be sent to court within one month, the sentence depends on the consideration. Most likely it will be a jury trial, it will take a year or more. Waiting for his life”, – said Gerashchenko.

The MP said that the killer carried out the task of Russian special services.

Recall, June 1, in Kiev there was an attempt on the participants of the ATO, volunteers Osmayev and Okueva. The attacker was found with the couple under the guise of a journalist. During the meeting in the car he pulled a gun and shot in the chest Osmayev. In response Okueva shot of the killer, wounding him.

As reported Корреспондент.net, October 30, near the village of glevakha, Kiev region unknown fired at a car Osmayev, killing Okueva.