Gerashchenko has explained, why it have got criminal case

Геращенко пояснил, почему на него завели уголовное дело

Anton Gerashchenko alleged rents an apartment for the money father

The MP is not concerned in connection with the opening of criminal proceedings. He argues that “clean before the law.”

National anti-corruption Bureau was obliged to open criminal proceedings against people’s Deputy from the popular front, member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on the fact of his alleged illicit enrichment in accordance with the decision of the court in the appeal of the journalist.

This was said Gerashchenko in the comments to Interfax-Ukraine on Friday, September 14.

“This was reported by a journalist by the name Bigus. He conducted the investigation that, in his opinion, me and my family enough money to rent an apartment. Unfortunately, Bigus does not make the investigation into his friend (the people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey – ed.) Leshchenko… He went to court, and the court ordered the NAB to open production”, – said Gerashchenko.

The MP stressed that he is not worried in connection with the opening of the criminal proceedings, because the “clean before the law.”

Earlier it was reported that the NAB’s decision of the court opened criminal proceedings on the fact of illegal enrichment Anton Gerashchenko (h. 34. 368-2 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Back in August, the Nashi Groshi program s Denis Blusom reported that Gerashchenko rents an apartment for 3 thousand dollars. It is alleged the money of his father-in-law, who until 2016, had no income.

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