Gerashchenko has sued Dobkin

Геращенко подал в суд на Добкина

Anton Gerashchenko is sure that he will win in court

The first hearing will be held on October 10.

MP from the popular front Anton Geraschenko filed a civil lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity regarding the allegations of people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin.

He declared it on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“Dobkin said that I was preparing an attempt on Kernes, in which he became disabled, and was preparing to kill himself Dobkin. I applied for Dobkin civil suit in court, demanding an apology, compensation for moral and material. And here are 10 of October will be the first meeting of the court. I asked Dobkin to explain how and when I “trained” attempt. I this court will win”, – he stressed.

It should be noted, Dobkin indeed stated that the attempt on Kernes is Anton Gerashchenko.

As reported Корреспондент.net28 APR 2014 there was an attempt on mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes. The mayor was seriously injured and was treated in Israel.