Gerashchenko: In an accident with Dyminski taxiing not a guard

Геращенко: В ДТП с Дыминским рулил не охранник

Dyminsky after an accident left Ukraine

The businessman left Ukraine.

In an accident with a local businessman and owner of the Karpaty football club TV channel ZIK and Peter Dyminsky was arrested his bodyguard Andrey Borsch. He was suspected of committing a fatal accident that killed 31-year-old Natalia Trila. But he wasn’t driving a Mercedes at the time of the accident, said the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

“The investigation is lawfully received irrefutable evidence that the driver of the Mercedes was not exactly a 43-year-old security guard Peter Damanskogo, who took the blame for a fatal accident in itself,” he said.

Dimensao was officially handed a summons for questioning on 23 August and he was warned that he will be asked to give samples of their DNA to the investigator.

The Prosecutor General’s office has determined the jurisdiction of the investigation of the possible involvement Damanskogo to the death of Trili for the Main investigation Department of national police.

“Dyminsky, which today still has the status of a witness, flew on a private plane from Lviv to Geneva,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

In the Network appeared the video with the person similar to Damanskogo, who was at the scene of the accident immediately after the accident.

Recall, 18 August, on the road Lviv-Krakovets Damanskogo Mercedes crashed into Opel the 31-year-old woman made a turn according to the rules of the road. Natalia Trila died on the spot.

The culprit called himself the guard Damanskogo Andrew Borsch, who usually travels in a motorcade auto protection businessperson.

The brother of the deceased says that Dyminsky was driving a Mercedes at the time of the accident, and the Soup just took the blame.