Gerashchenko: LDNR held 71 Ukrainian

Геращенко: В ЛДНР удерживается 71 украинец

Representatives of the separatists have officially confirmed the number of hostages.

The LDNR representatives of the separatists at the talks in Minsk confirmed the contents 71 of the Ukrainian. This was stated following the meeting, the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group Deputy Irina Gerashchenko. According to her, 56 prisoners confirmed the separatists in the Donetsk and fourteen – Lugansk regions.

“In OGLO stated that check information on the content of six Ukrainians, including journalist Stanislav Aseev, and Ukrainian Lyudmila Surzhenko, which a few days ago disappeared for KPVV the Village Lugansk. Representatives of the militants again cynically pretend play by Stas Aseyev, illegal content of which has already been a month “I can’t” officially confirm”, – wrote Gerashchenko in Facebook.

According to the Deputy, the Ukrainian side does not agree with some of the demands of separatists on an exchange, but are willing to compromise for the release of hostages.

“The most problematic questions, ORDO 63 requires the release of criminals who have nothing to do with the conflict in the Donbass, ORDO in an ultimatum tone demanded the liberation of these criminals,” said she.

According to Gerashchenko, the Ukrainian side at the talks was attended by the Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska and the head of the joint center for release of hostages at SBU Yuri Kochanov. The next stage of the negotiations the Deputy announces July 31, in video mode.

We will remind, before Gerashchenko reported that in the Donbass more than 400 people were missing.

LDNR called criminals 39 Ukrainian prisoners