Gerashchenko predicts that the prosecution will finalize the indictment on August 31 in a few weeks

Геращенко прогнозирует, что прокуратура доработает обвинительный акт по делу 31 августа в течении нескольких недель

The indictment against the defendants on 31 August about the riots at Parliament building will be finalized by the Prosecutor’s office for several weeks, predicts the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. He said this in comments to “112 Ukraine”.

“After the Prosecutor’s office will finish the changes to conviction. I think it’s a matter of a few weeks. We need the justice that is not always imminent. If you had the time to conduct the necessary examinations of a survey of 1.5 hundreds of national guardsmen and hundreds of other witnesses, it took a while,” said Gerashchenko.

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Yesterday, August 30, the court gave the indictment to the Prosecutor on completion. In addition, the arrest of the defendants in the case was extended by two months.

We will remind, earlier it became known that during the meeting there were clashes between police and activists.

As you know, August 11, the GPU sent to the court indictment in criminal proceedings against the defendants in the case about the riots on August 31 at BP.

The suspect is charged with committing offenses under part 3 of article 258 (terrorist act), part 1 article 263 (illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives), part 2 of article 342 (resistance to representative of authority, law enforcement bodies, state Executive member of public formation on protection of a public order and state border or a serviceman) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall, 31 August 2015, the under walls of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev there were skirmishes after the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the first reading amendments to the Constitution regarding decentralization. The protesters launched an attack on the Parliament building, which was guarded by a cordon of police officers. According to the MIA, law enforcement officers threw a grenade.

The clashes killed four soldiers of the national guard. According to the interior Ministry, injured 141 people including 131 policeman and soldier of the national guard. After the events near the Parliament, law enforcement authorities reported that in the case of collisions under the Parliament reported about suspicion to 22 persons.