Gerashchenko said that Russia has always been able to influence the elections in Ukraine-2014

Геращенко заявил, что России всегда удавалось влиять на выборы в Украине, кроме 2014 года

The people’s Deputy from “popular front” Anton Gerashchenko in the air of “112 Ukraine”. 09.03.2017

Russia could always influence elections in Ukraine, with the exception of 2014, said on the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

“The world respects strength. If Ukraine is to be strong economically, militarily, then they will respect us, if we will continue immersed in local squabbles, fights and corruption, no we will not be respected and again we sooner or later get back in the orbit of influence of Russia. Time, as always, we have. Actually bet Russia to 2019. The problem is in future elections to make the next President of Ukraine was the most loyal of the Russian Federation. This is a strategic task. It will reach all the way. Russia has always tried to influence elections in Ukraine. Everywhere except the case 2014, she did it fully. We still have to face a situation when Russia affects us or through economic aggression, now with direct military aggression and blackmail,” he said.

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According to Gerashchenko, it is important to make Ukraine as independent as possible from the pressure of the Russian Federation in the economy and information sphere.

As you know, in 2014 Ukraine held presidential and parliamentary elections.

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